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Your question is far to general.


There are some great people from other countries very willing to assimilate themselves into this country. There are men who spend big bucks to court Asian women from the Phillipines, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. because most of them make very loving and dedicated wives...or they think.


A simple dating experience with a lady from another country could be very interesting and educational. But some could result in heartbreak...when you fall in love and find their culture or religion strongly frowns on marriage with those outside their race, such as those from India.


There are also those from other countries whose sole agenda is to get to America and enjoy the benefits. There are mean, inconsiderate, jerko slimebags in every country.


A friend of mine, Larry S., brought a beautiful lady from Russia to America to be his wife. After a year and a half, she had soaked him for $12,000 cash and went back to Russia.


Also, if you are going to marry a lady from abroad and bring her here, call long distance phone companies first and check the rates to her country. Don't marry one you can't afford to have phoning back to the family she missed on a regular basis.


Make sure you like the food of her country. If she cooks for you, that's primarily what you'll get and she won't want to be having lots of hot dogs, etc. While some foreign ladies to enjoy an occasional visit to McDonald's most don't.


Talk to members of your family to see how well a foreign lady would be accepted into the family, should marriage be decided upon. Some members of past generations have distinct prejudices against certain foreigners, particularly those they were at war with.


Relationships between two people, no matter where they are from, work on the same prinicples.


If you are interested in a lady from another culture, pay close attention to every aspect of her behavior. Study her culture to see how much differences there are between what you are used to and their family life, religious beliefs, morals, etc.


There are many foreign ladies who, soon after marriage, start shipping in members of their family to the States to live with them (and you). There are others who marry Americans, get jobs, and send all their pay back home. U.S. Currency is worth lots in other countries. $100 is a small fortune in the Phillipines.


While you could be in heaven with a lady from another country, you could make your hell with one as well.


I think there are many sweet ladies all over the world. But there's probably a nice one for you just a few blocks from you.

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