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'Your songs(s)'

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Plastis Wafer by Of Montreal



Lover face, I view you as the revolver introduced in my play, Act One

Lover face, want to make you ejaculate until it's no longer fun

I confess to really being quite charmed by your feminine effects

You're the only one with whom I would role play Oedipus Rex


I want you to be my pleasure puss

I want to know what it's like to be inside you

I want you to be my pleasure puss

I want to know how it feels when I give you that ooh la, ooh la la


Lover face, how your ass is pumping sweet licentious songs

Lover face, you're a scandal, your body is so wrong

Bless my lips with your Sunlandic kisses

While our hands explore each other's human vessels

Oh, you know, like four excited spiders


You give me such a rush, make my whole body blush

I don't care if they say you're just my crutch

I know you're not, you’re the only good thing I've got

Everything's so much more complicated over the phone


You are such a ****ing star, oh, you know you are

I just awoke broke through today, had the mind to call your name internally

Through my seventh sense that's hallucinating

Anyway, we're artifacts of demigodly zero logic denizens

Oh, I just came in your arms tonight, you and I are friends

Not some polemic to be puzzled over, listen, they set my wings so randomly

When you’re dead I'll search for you

Like Orpheus, I'll find you some way

You are such a ****ing star, oh, you know you are

I'll tell you one thing I know, you want my kisses in your Narcissistic collapse

Because it's so painful when they amputate the ego


See all the pretty corpses lined up along the beach

They're ringing the bells of the church to drive everybody insane

As the patina lips of the fountain stallion vomits water on this shirtless little brat

I can't get all those moving lights off her face

So I went out to the country, sat down on some straw

But I'm not putting out for God tonight, keeping my legs shut

It's a mistake lighting little white candles to make him love you

He's cold by any city's standards and they want to turn you down, it's messed up

"How about if I wilt your plantations?"

"You know the nightmares, they don't forget about you?"

God damn the concierge to a dreadful reincarnation!

I think I can do it by myself, I'm just trying to get healthy

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