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How do you tell if a girl likes you?

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You ask her out. If she says yes, she may like you...or she may not quite yet but looks forward to a free meal. If she says no, she may like you but have other plans or she may just be in a bad mood...she can't not like you because she doesn't really know you yet. Or she may just like you as a friend.


I really don't think there is a way to really know until she's stayed married to you for oh, say, 30 years or so.

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if she is *interested, it does not mean she likes you, it just means your probability is higher. signs of interest include:


A. treats you differently than she treats others

B. looks at you often even if you are not speaking

C. seems at a loss for words or has momentarily lapses in confidence.

D. makes arbitrary references to events to which the two of you could attend

E. nicely making fun of you in particular <this is my favourite>

F. seems giddy around you

G. touches you for any reason; order of serious touching, from least to most: on the arm for emphasis, on the shoulder to brush something, on the leg for emphasis, both hands at once touching you anywhere, 'accidental' cleavage brush and/or glimpse

H. displaced stroking, licking, and/or manhandling of objects - e.g. suckers, pens, desks


if she is a geek: she will blush often, stammer, and run about.

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also..she will be nervous around you, such as playing with her hair around you and checking you out often.


if you get signals from her when you talk to her


if she shows interests in you by asking questions...(being friendly OR like you) (this one's hard to tell!)

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Jenny brought up some really good body language signs -


Here are some others -



Good Signs

1. Smiling with her eyes (She's pleased with you)

2. Preening (the hair toss) (Kind of like what animals do)

3. Facing you with her legs crossed, toes pointed at you (She's inviting you into her world)

4. Leaning towards you (Wants to get close)

5. Palms open, wrists exposed (Not hiding anything, making herself vulnerable to you)


Bad Signs

1. Leaning away from you (She's distancing herself from you)

2. Fingertap (She's annoyed/bored)

3. If her arms are crossed (She's protecting herself from you)

4. Her legs crossed along with a kicking motion (Upset, annoyed)


Hope this helps in your quest for true love!!!


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There is this guy that I like and I got D E and G from him. I wonder if guys show their interest in similar ways too girls. Probably but with a suttle difference. I was flirting with him as well too by the way. :bunny:


I guess guys can't toss their hair like us girls do. Lol. :laugh:

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Ziggue - Watch a man in the presence of a sexy woman. He will often straighten out his clothes and fix his hair.

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hmm that's tough, im a guy. but usually i can detect if a girl likes me by her " attitude change towards me" NOW compared to the last time i've seen her. ( attitude change as in she'll be aloof(aloof in a (shy) specific way, but not in a cold way) (but i wouldnt suggest being aloof, as most guys will take this as a sign of disinterest) and if she touches me on the arm or shoulder frequently.


but not all guys have good radar.....so sorry that's all i can help with

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Well, the funny thing is love is funny.


I have a crush on someone now that I used to not

even be the slightest bit interested in, though I

always liked him as a friend.


If she says she isn't interested, believe her! Move

on. If she changes her mind later, and you are

still single, then you can make up your mind how to

react at the time.


For now, the signals that she is definitely interested

may include looking at you alot, fidgeting with things

when she knows you are standing there, always

being nearby, etc.


I have a little different sort of problem. The person

I am crushing on is both an old co-worker and a

pastor. The only place I ever see him is at church

and we never are alone. So, I'm assuming that

if he flirts, it's going to be very subtle. I believe

I've picked up on some flirting, but its subtle like

always smiling at me and asking about school. I

mean, it wouldn't be very professional for him to

put his hand on my butt. Unfortunately, I may

need that sort of Obvious signal before I know

for sure he is interested. Instead of agonizing over

it for the whole week, I think I just need to ask him out.

Plus, sometimes if you're waiting for the other

person to make the move...they might be waiting for

you to be more obvious.


If he says yes, then I'm in. If he says no and he

doesn't think it would be a good idea. I'm done and I

can focus on my schoolwork that needs to be done.

If he says, no and an excuse, then that means it's

possible but he might prefer a different time. So, I'll

suggest another day or ask him when he has down

time. If he trys to avoid answering me directly, I'll

know I am losing. If he offers his schedule, I'll know what

times to suggest. Of course, if he keeps coming up

with excuses, he is just too cowardly to fess up that

he isn't interested. I think he is though.

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ok sooo ive liked this girl for about 2 months now and i have taken her on a date and didnt have guts to kiss her as we worked together, also took her to london which was great, we had alot of fun there, now we are not working together anymore and i just wanna know if she does like me!! problem is she gives me loads of signs that she does like me but im still not conviced.... HELPP!!! i have been trying hard to get with her, am i tryin too hard??

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im right the shy guy which sucks and im starting to have these feelings for this girl that ive never talked to but ive heard things like how she's sweet and nice and latley she's been glancing over in the halls looking my way even when no one is around and when playing football she'll look over here and there at the field and at times she'll be talking to her friends and tehy'll all glance over my way ya this si probably really sad but its been awhile since ive done this because ive been in a relationship for a long time more less i have trouble the first time just going up saying hi and well i was wondering if there was any adivce maybe if she likes me or more signs to find if she has an interest anyway thanks for atleast reading it here's my email if you wanna give me some advice

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Problem is not wether a girl likes you or not, but more bluntly where is it going and will the relationship work out. I have lots of girls that I'm sure would like to be with me. But I'm sure they know I can find better, or that some reason relationship won't work out cause of their life. Seems like the nicer girls that actually like the idea of getting to know someone and have a stable relationship, are too busy with their own lives to commit that time to sorting things out.


So what it ultimately comes down to is that people hook up for financial and social reasons rather than they actually like eachother. I mean this is why so many marriages end in divorce these days. If you aren't in some mainstream click, and you are trying to fit into the mix, you won't fit in. It's hard being on a different path than others in you life and finding a good place to click into.


So basically what I do is I try and make as many friends as possible, though the oppertunity isn't there, and have as much casual intimacy as possible, whenever possible, with beautiful girls that just turn me on, and I can care less about their personality.


Life and love and everything it's a joke! There's too many bigger issues that influence everything, and the nice guy, the good looking guy, can often be cast aside for the bad guy the girl doesn't want but can use.


Like I mean you can see it everyday everywhere. Like a friend of mine is married, and she wouldn't throw away the support of her husband cause she thinks I'm hot. I mean cause she knows I would take care of her. Has nothing to do with wether she likes me, it's just not gonna happen, ever, but we are still good friends just cause she likes me.


I mean on top of that add the fact how many people can you be your real self with? I constantly find myself marketing off my good side, and I don't like to burden people with any of my negative thoughts or past experiences that much. So who really likes you for you, no one?


On top of that, love doesn't pay the bills, or support the children or build the house, or put 2 and 2 together. So no matter what sort of love you have, doesn't mean that things are going to work out to a stable happy life. Plus on top of that girls tend to be timid and shy creatures who are scared of every little thing that is different. I find that strangers are simply scared of me, cause they don't know me thru some organization to verify who I am.


There's a lot of bigger factors that rule out any likes and personal tastes. So it's a wonder why people get together at all, and sadly a lot of people aren't getting together these days. Only certain people who live certain lifestyles, and then they aren't happy either.


You throw in moods, and all different variables of the two people and it's a real nightmare.

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Listen to panhandler man, never seen someone who actually views the world the same way I do. Everything he said is the truth. No one loves you for who you are and no one is good enough for anyone else. Especially in younger women and some men, their standards are so high that they never will find someone, and if they do, it'll because they settled for less, in which they are only setting themselves up for divorce anyways. Women get stuck on a single guy and it takes them about a year longer to get over it than guys. In that year, there were probably 10 great guys that crossed their path, half of which probably tried to ask her out but she blew them off.


It's very unfortunate that our society has been reduced to unstable family structures resulting in broken homes and mixed families. Maybe if people in this country actually believed in the promise they make at the altar then they wouldn't be ruining their lives, their spouse's life, and their children's lives by choosing the oh-so-appealing option of divorce.


The truth is, being a young, good looking, in shape, smart, educated, clean man without a criminal record means nothing to women in this world. So basically just live your life and pursue all the things you are interested in, and maybe you will be lucky enough to have a girl find you (you don't find women, they find you) that is actually compatable and you just may have a successful marriage. And if you don't.....then you still lived life to your fullest.

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Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but I think it's possible for "true love" with balance, equality, depth, etc. nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with gazing and grazing along the way until you cross paths with "the One"

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Hey guys and girls, i know this may seem like another questionm, but i met this one girl and we have been friends for like 3-4 weeks now, we talk all the time when we have the chance, but im just getting a little worried about that when we first met she use to allways call me good things like hotness, or tell me she loves me, and i told her a few times i like her to, and i think she likes me but its either she really has no time to talk or she just dont wanna talk, like shes ingnoring my emails and not replying my text messages, i mean i really wanna know if she still likes me cuz we still talk on the phone and she laughts at my jokes all the time,and now she like told me we can only talk after 9pm cuz of her cell phone minutes, i mean i trust her but still... i took her to the movies a few days ago and let her use my warm jacket when she was cold, she told me this quote "i really like your jacket" in like a flirty way. but i duno if anyone can please help me out or give me some tips or advices cuz i really dont wanna screw anything up, i mean there are like millions of other hot girls i see everyday but i dont feel about them the way i feel about her. So please tell me how i can find out a little more if she still likes me or if she got tired of me cuz i screwed up somewhere. please give me some advices and tips cuz i really like this girl and something in me tells me she likes me alot but something else tells me she tired of me and dont like me anymore, thnx, hope to see some answers in my email and here.

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Well I used to be just like most of the people posting here. I used to have a hard time reading women and didn't want to take the chance that I was jumping to conclusions about the signals I thought they were sending. I was so shy I never even got up the courage to ask a girl out until well after I was out of high school.


My attitude has changed a lot since then. One time I just went for it and asked one out that I liked and thought might be interested in me. Well that one didn't quite work out the way I thought it would, but it was just the thing I needed to get over my fear. After that I realized that my life wouldn't end if I got turned down. I become quite comfortable talking to women and asking them out if I felt like there was a mutual interest there.


And if there's one thing I've learned for sure it's that if you feel like there's something there then you just have to have the guts and go for it. Most girls refuse to lead the way and make the first move even if they know that you are shy. And reading signals from women and trying to be absolutely sure before you let them know how you feel is just an exercise in futility. I've been 100% sure a girl was totally into me and been turned down flat, and also been 100% sure others didn't want anything to do with me to find out later from a friend that they have just been waiting for me to ask them out. Sure there are body language and flirting signals that can give an indication, but these days a lot of girls are quite aware of that and can use them to play games with guys they want to mess with or string along.


Bottom line, if it is someone you would be interested in getting to know and possibly having a relationship with then just throw caution to the wind and go for it. Of course that doesn't apply to situations where putting something like that out there if they're not interested could have a negative effect (like if you work together or it's the best friend or sister of the girl your brother is dating or something).

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Ok their's this girl in my school who's beutiful and she smiles at me alot ( the thing is al the signs that exsist are barely things she does but she does things that make you think that she likes you ) She also treats me as a very good friend and she's really nice to me. Also we write notes to eachother but not about love. I wish i had a easier way to explain this. If you could se the way she acts you guys would probably know But. Ok i think i've got something she likes to show me things about guys who i know that write her notes asking her out and she lets me in on secrets, also when i say Hannah she always says hey as if she's telling me that she likes me i'm really cluless. people say that she likes me and i don't believe them because there are no signs. Although i think i might have a chance b/c i'm really nice and i like her because of her personality and not her hottness. I just afraid to ask her b/c if she says no then it might ruin our friendship.The 'Q' is what's more important to me her friendship or her love for me. It's imposible to decide. Can U guys help me.I'm cluless.And not that atractive.I'm gonna go to a F@#//ing Asylum if i don't figure this out.

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i have a lady friend, been best friends for 5 years and we did date back in grade 8. now im in grade 12, things have changed she was dating this total a** hole, then she dumped him. she was emotionally wrecked and depressed, i have always had strange feelings towards her, true love feelings. I cant seem to overcome the fact that i'm one of many best friends of hers, but mostly the fact that we are physically closer than, well, any one. I kissed her for the first time a couple of nights ago, we were drunk.. but she made the move, it was like heaven for me, a dream come true if you may, we have always been there for each other, we always fool arround (wrestle, roll arround in the snow etc.), and we never have disagreements because we are so similar, i just dont want to loose my oppourtunity to become hopefully her next boyfriend, or future husband, im telling everyone who reads this because i love her with all my heart, i see her everyday, she is what makes the world go' round for me, and without her id simply curl up and die, ive dated lots of women, but the reason for failure in my relationships is because i love her with all my heart. i could never harm her physically or emotionally, but as everyone says "some things are to good to be true" And maybe its true. but plz email me your feed back, casue i could make me a better man, or even a better friend, and most of all maybe her next long term relationship. Thx sorry this is a really deep thing for me.

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I have a friend who is a girl. Yesterday she was persistantly sat next to me where possible... is that anything to go by? She wasnt exactly bothered by at minimum of 1 inch of space between me or her. Most girls get bothered when I am sat next to them (this is in assembleh's at school and stuff).

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