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Ok here is my story, the short version, well as short as I can make it.. I met someone on the internet, and we hit it off... he told me he had a gf... so I decided not to talk to him, though he imed me it was just friends.. nothing more... I was cheated on before, so I would never go after a guy with a gf... we spoke for a month, he had huge issues with his gf.. who he was with for 5 years...


he broke up with her a month after we started talking... we continued talking, a little flirting, but we never met... after three months, we decided to meet ... we went to eat, he told me before he didnt want a relationship, which is what I want.. so we decided just to go to dinner.. he tried to kiss me, and I stopped him.. said if he is not ready he should not be kissing me... we continued talking... alot actually... then we met again, once again he tried to kiss me and I told him no.... then we spoke about things, and decided to date, slowly...


which is fine by me.. slow is good... then after we slept together, he told me he wants to date other people, now dont kick me.. so I was really upset... he said that he saw my profile on jdate, and that two can play this game... I do not know if he used that as an excuse, or he really wanted to date others.. i dont know.. a week after we decided to be friends.. I couldnt handle it... i feel that people cant get to know each other if they are dating around.. thats my view.. and I wasnt dating anyone I wanted to get to know him.. we got back together, he said slow.. fine..


but anytime I say anything, like I miss him, he tells me im getting too close.. I am just confused.. I honestly dont know what to think... now we are going on vacation together... people telling me its a big step, but I dont think it is.. because he doestn see me as his gf.. I dont mind dating, but datign others is just driving me nuts.. he told me that he wasnt dating anyone.. and that he is only sleepign with me.. i am trying to trust him.. but he doesnt trust me either.. at least I dont think he does... I really like him, and we really have a good time together.. I just think I am his rebound.. and after the trip he is going to break it off... am I being paranoid and just take it slow?

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