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Another 'is she cheating' post.

Infidelity In an affair or suspect your significant other? Share your experiences and concerns here.

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Old 25th February 2019, 2:34 PM   #16
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thx all, some harsh some strange and much good form this.

Turning point, that post is very meaningful. I like the way you wrote it. Thx for writing.

I feel better knowing some of you agree with the strange stuff but even better most feel it's not a red flag. Sure the pigtail is a strange thing but (and sorry for not including) after I commented about it to her, it stopped. I guess in a way I took that is a, oh I got caught. Though maybe it was more of a , oh that is bothering my husband. If the pig tails where the only thing most agree is out of norm on, then it's mute for now. The skin tearing was my biggest thing. So that is put to reset.

Going to just step back and get over it.

Q/A time.

Have you tried to ask her, a grown woman, why she's wearing pigtails to a professional job? - She had no reply, just said IDK. She never really talks as much as I try to egg it on. I wish she woudl open up but that's another story.

Do you mean TWO pigtails - one one each side of her head? - yes

Does she wear this hairstyle anywhere else besides work? - with me also yes but not on her own when I'm not there as why I wondered why work?

Does she take naps in her scrubs when she gets home? No. just unders.

Sorry if I issed any, I searched for ? marks.
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Old 3rd March 2019, 8:01 AM   #17
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Doesn't sound like anything odd to me honestly. Regarding the pigtails, is her hair very long? Personally, I don't like wearing pigtails too but I do it when I go for runs or when I am doing something where I want my hair out of my face. If your wife's hair is short or have alot of layers, I can see why 2 pig tails would be better because it helps prevent shorter, stray hairs from falling all over.

From your description, it seems like her not being able to answer your questions on why she is doing something is due to her not having given much thought about doing it (hence the idk ans or the giggling) rather than having something to lie about.

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