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Recording devices for car?

Infidelity In an affair or suspect your significant other? Share your experiences and concerns here.

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Recording devices for car?

Morning UKers and happy 4th for yesterday!

Is there anyone out there who can recommend a tiny hideable recording device to put somewhere in a car?

My friend whom I have asked about before is starting to experience total disconnection and even hostility from her other half, and he is barely in the house - this with two very young children, who barely know him as he spends so little time at home.

She wants to embark on the detective phase and I hope I can help her out with the help of you guys, before she gets to the stage of being dragged through the nightmare that is cheating.

If anyone can help point me in the direction of a website, or what I'm looking out for I'd be mega grateful.

Happy Friday and thanks x
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Your friend wants to look for a VAR (voice-activated recorder). I didn't personally use one but that is just by happenstance. If you have red flags and have already looked at internet, phone/text, and financial history then a VAR is a relatively inexpensive and reliable route to go next step. I would recommend she velcro it under the steering column. No one looks there and it gets better sound quality than under the seat (or so I'm told). I bought my stuff at a US Spy store in my town.

But I used a GPS. It ran about $250. I caught my wife at a hotel on the first download. But I had to sneak it into and out of the car. A live GPS runs more like $500 and requires a subscription to a service. But it's a one-time install and tracks them in real-time. Worth every penny in my book.
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