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Moving to my fiance's country after marriage.. is it worth it?

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Old 22nd January 2018, 7:27 AM   #1
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Moving to my fiance's country after marriage.. is it worth it?

After my long search and jumps from one singles tour to another, I finally found my one and only.

Thanks to A Foreign Affair, I was able to find the love of my life, Pui.

We will be getting married this coming March. Yup. Just 2 more months!

I’ve been thinking of moving to Thailand few months after marriage; when I find a job and house for us to stay in.

In the meantime we will be wed here in California and handle the business more before then.

There are many reasons why I want to move and have my family in Thailand.

I want my kids to grow up in an environment where they would learn how to appreciate family,

understand that family is someone you can always come home to.

The kids these days have been growing thinking that once they become independent,

they don’t have to visit their parents anymore. Although, not everyone is like that but a huge portion is.

I just think, the culture and practices observed by the Thai fits much better with what kind

of life I want to have for my future kids.

My only question is… do you guys think it’s worth it?

When I also consider the fact that I have a successful business here and a house where I can start a family in…

I end up feeling that it’s best to stay. What do you guys think?
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Old 22nd January 2018, 8:33 AM   #2
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I think you need to make a real list of pros & cons. Factor in moving & immigration / citizenship impediments. How will you support yourself there? Then look at your list & figure out what works for you. Also consider if you move now & have children there what will happen in a few years if you want to move back. Immigration is not all that easy & seems to be getting more difficult. Going from a house & a business to being unemployed & homeless seems like a gigantic step backwards IMO.
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Old 22nd January 2018, 9:57 AM   #3
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The only thing I know about that country is their martial art - which I practice a little of - and media reports of their seedy side (every country has one)

Can you maintain dual citizenship? Or perhaps try a short term stay - 6-12 months to see how you like it before moving?

A quick search of Expat websites seems not too bad for the country.
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I don't think it's a good idea. Foreigners can't own property in Thailand, which means in case of divorce you'll have pretty much nothing left. It's a pretty big risk to give up everything you own and then sign it over to your future wife....

Your children will speak a language you're not familiar with and it's not guaranteed they'll ever speak English correctly.

You can teach your children those family values regardless where you live.

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Hang on! You're getting MARRIED in two months and haven't yet decided where to live? Mate, you're putting the cart before the horse. Too much romance and not enough practicality.

Sort out all the logistics first. Make sure you're both happy with the arrangements and then get married. Perhaps even live in Thailand for a year before tying the knot.
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