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what turns guys on??

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Old 26th December 2003, 8:17 AM   #1
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what turns guys on??

Hi, I have been hinting to my hubby to have sex to be blunt. I have been married to him for over 6 years and for some silly reason I find it hard to tell him how I feel and start something. we have had alot of problems lately but we seemed to have tried to resolve them. His new one is that I don't challenge myself enough.
I love him to bits but I have tried but he doesn't respond back. He hasn't got any good friends and lost his job. I know he might have job thoughts on his mind but for god sake he is a male. we have three child two under 5 i am slightly overweight but doing something about it
I know I am afraid of rejection but he is my hubby. Guys how do I approach him to spark us and to love like we used to. What turns guys on????
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Old 26th December 2003, 11:57 AM   #2
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Lingerie. Massages. Making the first move. Just be sitting there watching TV and unzip his pants and go to town.

I'd be done in an insant!
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Old 26th December 2003, 1:44 PM   #3
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How about your hair down across your face, wearing something sexy, not slutty, kinda a silly, sensual grin,

doing something in a way you haven't before.

Also, I love girls who wear a cute dress once in awhile. Does your job or daily life allow this?

And like UCFKevin said: massages!
They are great!
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Old 26th December 2003, 1:47 PM   #4
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i like catholic school girl uniforms with fishnets and high heels.
no panties

I had a exgf do that once, i feel for future gfs cause thats a bar
which is hard to raise
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Old 26th December 2003, 2:07 PM   #5
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There are lots of different things that turn me on but If I had an issue that was as serious as being unemployed I'd have a very hard time thinking about sex. What would help turn me on the most in a situation like that would be for my wife to be as supportive as possible and for her to reassure me that we would get through these tough times together. The more I realize she was with me, the more likely I would be receptive to making love. It's pretty hard for me to know from reading a post what your relationship is like with your husband but if he feels like a lot of guys I know, try to make him feel secure before trying to turn him on.
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Old 27th December 2003, 6:27 AM   #6
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thanks guys, I will try the sexy underwear but I do understand he is fully thinking about work. He and I do need some serious counselling re other issues. I have been feeling a bit lonely but will sacrifice and understand that sex is not the be all and end all of our relationship.
I feel a bit lost with being the holidays and all its hard to get yourself backinto the routine. Thanks again it is good to get the guys perspective on this issue.
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Old 27th December 2003, 9:13 AM   #7
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What turns guys on????
Sex does not occur in a vacuum. Your husband is unemployed, you have 3 kids two of whom are under 5 and you've been married for 6 years. And you and your husband need serious counseling regarding other issues. This is not a recipe for much sex at home.

Men often lose interest in sex after becoming unemployed. It's a self-esteem issue.

What should you do? You must get his mind off work and kids. You may want to go out, have drinks (not too many) come home and get frisky. If he's still unresponsive you may want to watch some quality "couples porn" together to jump start his engine.

It's important that you two do not become any more disconnected during this difficult period of your marriage.

Good luck.

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Old 2nd January 2004, 9:43 PM   #8
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Could a possible compromise be that you share a bed-time cuddle and forget about the sex, letting him know that it isn't an issue? Very often, the more you pressure a man to perform, the less he is able to.
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Old 8th January 2004, 1:02 PM   #9
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i would also like to know?

i would also like to know what turns a man on i am a dancer and you would think i have it down pat but most of the time my man doesn't even want to sit beside me on the couch and put his arm around me without growling or snarling he's definetly not going to kiss me in the mouth not even when we have sex and thats not but about once a week twice if i'm lucky and i know he loves i just don't think i really turn him on very much anymore and that kinda makes me sad but what do you do??
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Old 8th January 2004, 2:08 PM   #10
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Princess: I used to dance myself but had to quite that. Just not my cup of tea.

As far as what turns a guy on, don't you think dressing in sexy outfits would turn him on, or if you do a lap dance in a sexy outfit, or walking around in one of his shirts and ties and doing alittle strip tease for him would turn him on?

Think of creative things to do with your men. Buy a little school girl outfit, dress in a skimpy business outfit with a little skirt on and a white blouse with that sexy hair down and just do alittle dancing for him. There is so much stuff to do to entertain the men in your lives.

I really think if I start dating, no guy would be able to handle me, I think I would truely aggressive and he would be turned on by me all the time when I am around that is.

Do some sexy stuff. Buy massage oils, sexy outfits, get a new hairdo that looks totally sexy when it is down and just go at it like a mad man. OHHHHH baby do I wish I had a man.
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Old 8th January 2004, 5:33 PM   #11
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you want to know what turns guys on?

Apparently a driver's license
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