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How do I know what his intentions are?

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Old 15th February 2009, 10:29 PM   #1
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How do I know what his intentions are?

I have a really great boyfriend. We have been dating for a while and we now live together.We both have 3 year old children from previous relationships. He has been married twice before, and I was previously engaged. Now that we are pretty well settled down, I am curious to know if he has any intentions of proposing or getting married anytime soon. When we first started dating we discussed and pretty much both agreed that we would like to get married (in general, not necessarily to each other at the time) someday but not sure if we wanted anymore kids, which seemed like the perfect match because we both felt the same way. Now I getting a little antsy, I do not want to end up in the situation of "why buy the cow if youre getting the milk for free" when we first started dating it was almost easier to talk about then it is now, i would love to know if that is at least on the radar, but i do not want to scare him off bringing it up....and how do i know (if i even can) that 2 previous failed marriges for him will doom us?
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how did the other 2 marriages fail? how much did that make him gun shy, you can always sneak it into conversations.
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Well, with his first marriage they basically grew apart they were high school sweethearts and grew up, they have a great relationship and I get along with her. His second marriage was ugly from what I know. She got pregnant and they got married, and then she cheated. So I do not know if that would make him gun shy or not. On our third or forth date we talked about it, all be it, drunk. I said I definitely still wanted to get married, not sure about more kids especially if we were worked out, because then we would have a boy and a girl both 3 years old. He said he felt the same, he never had the big catholic wedding etc. more than anything i am hoping he wasnt blowing smoke, saying what i wanted to hear. everything else is great, we live together and share tasks etc equally, so it is not like we are playing house. I would just like to know that it is def in the future, and i am skiddish bout bringing it up because i do not want to look like i am thinking about it too much or it have an adverse effect. the other night we were out with some friends drinking and a song came on and i said that is sooo going to be my wedding song (first time ive ever said anything like that) and he was like no thats not a good song, so i have no idea what was meant by that.
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