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Too soon?

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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Old 10th January 2018, 6:50 AM   #1
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Too soon?

This girl I've been talking too for literally hours straight everyday(to the point where I have to call it my friendly stalker around friends because of how much my phone is buzzing) that I've known for a few weeks has a birthday tomorrow because of Facebook I know where she works would it be weird to have a couple of flowers/candy(something relatively inexpensive) sent her way as a surprise or is too soon I.e will I come across as sweet stalkery or somewhere in between. Thanks for any and all help
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Old 10th January 2018, 7:34 AM   #2
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Have you met her in person yet?

If not, and if she's never told you herself where she works, I don't think it's a good idea. I personally don't like mixing my private and professional life, and would not love a gesture like that from someone who isn't my boyfriend - it's too awkward in the workplace.
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Old 10th January 2018, 12:15 PM   #3
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If she told you where she works go ahead & send the birthday flowers. If you figured it out on your own & she doesn't know that you know where she works, stick to a birthday text or e-card especially if you have never met in person.
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Old 26th January 2018, 8:39 AM   #4
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So, how did it go?
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Old 5th February 2018, 2:19 PM   #5
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May sound romantic for some but may be stalkery for someone who they never met in person. Try to meet her first in person and start from there.
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