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I had enough of it, what shall I do?

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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Question I had enough of it, what shall I do?

I've been "dating" (if I could say so) this girl for several weeks before she had to leave for an internship 500 miles away.

She was the one that started showing attraction to me. I tried my best to avoid developing any feelings for her. I knew that she will leave and I had no interest to do any LDR bull****.

But of course when she left the city, she kept talking to me. I was overwhelmed with this much of attention from someone who I viewed as regular friend.

One day I asked if we're still just friends or shall we take it to next level. Her respond was: "I want to explore and see how it goes, don't want to commit and then do not live up each other's expectations and etc."

I was not seeking commitment from her, just wanted to make sure if we're on the same page.

The problem is that online chatting thing started to annoy me, mainly because we spend way too much time texting each other about the stuff that we should rather talk in face-to-face conversation.

Lately we've been getting into childish fights over simple things that could be resolved in a moment. We have already talked about the idea of meeting up to get to know each other better in real life. She wanted to think about it and let me know later.

I am fine with that. The problem is that I am already fed up with online chatting and would prefer to cut all contact with her (to stay sane and life my life) until she decides. But if I would tell this to her, it might sound very manipulative and put even more pressure on her to make up her mind.

What do you think would be the best solution?

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How long is her internship?

I'd call her up & talk to her. Tell her what you told us. You don't enjoy the OL chatting & would rather speak. Since she's exploring, you do want to keep the door open for when she gets home but the texting annoys you because you are a voice person.

Find a middle ground with her texting you & you calling her occasionally. Then see what happens when she moves back.
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I think this is way too much trouble for a "new" relationship.

This is supposed to be the fun stage of the relationship. If she is going to be living "away" for a prolonged period of time... I personally would end it and look for someone local to date.

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