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Whatís going on here?

Long-Distance Relationships Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

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Whatís going on here?

Everything has been going good with my long distance girlfriend we met on vacation and itís been 3 months so far but lately this past 2 weeks itís been sluggish communication and she has been busy with school she had to teach which is apart of her program and she has been exhausted lately. She has admitted to bring off not herself because of her grandmother got diagnosed with cancer unfortunately and Iím trying to comfort her as much as possible she was supposed to come for Christmas and she was battling with herself to come or not and she decided her family needs her in case her grandmother passes away, which is understandable and she appreciates my support even though I feel she has been putting me to the side lately barely talking. Iím giving her space but itís killing me I just want to be there with her..

there was ao red red flags I wa red to address but I canít right now with these going on it would be selfish.. itís about my Facebook disappearing on her birthday after she commented on it and she sent me a message that her grandmothers post disappeared too etc.. but she never let me know what happened to it and lastly she doesnít have any pictures of us on her social media but she posted a photo of herself and her friends lately a few weeks ago.. Iím just stressed but I know she loves me what should I do here?
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How about...YOU visit HER! Just make it work. Sell lemonade to raise funds if you have to. When you see her, it would resolve, or at least hint you in on, a lot of your doubts, and it would let you two be together if/when she needs you.
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