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Is a Gut Feeling Ever Wrong?

Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy Being unfaithful to your significant other or suspect them of the same? Can't stand the way they flirt? Jealous? Discuss your experiences here.

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Originally Posted by OpenBook View Post
No no no, your gut is never wrong! If it senses something's off, then something's off. The problem is, it can't detect WHAT is wrong - just that something IS wrong. That's where (like the others said) your rational mind has to go to work. You have to play detective.

But you should never ignore your gut. It's built-in to us for a reason. It's like a signal to be alert, and be cautious. Eyes wide open.
This ^

I’m not getting what’s the purpose to label people as having ‘broken’ instinct and related. An instinct is an instinct- it DOES make sense, if you manage to pinpoint what is it telling you. It is a ‘safety’ feature that has evolved in humans and all other species, let’s not underestimate that...

Forget about being ‘damaged’ - that’s modern BS. Just trust your gut and use your brain to pinpoint what the gut is telling you.
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Yes, a gut feeling can often be wrong. People who have lived through a traumatic event or who have PTSD frequently feel fear, a sense of impending doom, anxiety or similar when there is not any threat.

People who are insecure or tend toward paranoia have gut feelings that are only related to their insecurity or paranoia.
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Originally Posted by sattech200 View Post
Is a Gut Feeling Ever Wrong?

Long story short, I consider myself preaty damaged from a previous relationship of 5 years that really had me thinking I was the crazy one. Luckily I made it out alive. I was blindsided bad with the string of men during the entire relationship because I was completly blind and stupid.

So Im about 3 months into a new relationship that is drastically different...for the better. But a couple of things have happend during this time that has really given me a bad heart sinking gut feeling. I have no solid reason to suspect anything though and dont know what to do. I think its just all from my past relationship but cant be certain.

Anyone have any advice?

have really brought back a lot
Thats really hard to answer because in order to have a really good instinct and guy feeling -- you need to be 100%. You know what I mean?

You can't get stoned or drunk and rely on your "gut feeling" because obviously you are not 100% yourself.

The same thing applies to other situations -- like you can't have just broken up with a person and rely on your gut feeling or you can't be still thinking you are "damaged goods" from a previous relationship gone bad and go around relying on your gut feelings.

Thats why I am a big believer in being single fora given period of time after a relationship and get back to yourself and then you are ready to enter a new relationship.
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I always trust my gut. If something feels wrong, it usually is.
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