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Wtf Wtf Wtf Omg!!! :(

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Old 9th January 2006, 6:18 PM   #1
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Wtf Wtf Wtf Omg!!! :(

Ok I like this one girl, but her sister likes me, and the girl I like likes me to (or so she sayed), but now she's going out with someone!

The only reason I guess she didnt go out with me is because of her sister liking me...

Surely there was something we could of done to of been able to go out! This just feels like she turned on me! GUH
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Old 9th January 2006, 6:52 PM   #2
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A sister myself!

I know right now you are pissed because I know I would be mad if something like this happened to me. Truthfully I understand why she did not make the choice to date you. If she would hve dated you it would have been a constant fight with her sister. She has to respect her family and she is just trying to keep her sister as a good friend and not an enemy. If she would have dated you the fight would have been a constant fight and her sister would have said "you knew I liked him." Sorry but nothing is worth losing a sibling especially a man that you dont know what will happen with.

Sorry I know you are pissed but just wanted to show you how she probably was thinking.
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Her sister likes you

Talk to the sister. Be nice. Tell her "I really like your sister" Don't tell her you know she likes you. That'll embarrass her and make it worse.

Maybe she'll be as courteous to her sister as she was to her and she'll get over you.

Then try again with the one you like.
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