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Is this normal?

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Is this normal?

I have been seeing this new girl for about a month and a bit. Things are going great in all aspect other than this issue. She is wonderful in so many ways. She is different from my other girlfriends and that is a good thing considering that most of my other rel, have been just horrid for the most part.

I have never had a problem getting sexual stuff from girls. I make alot of money and i always seem to attract the slutty gold diggers(didn't see it at the time). I'm also pretty good looking too! So that helps alot!

ok so on to my issue,

My girlfriend is 20 and i am 22, so we are both old enough to have experienced sexual stuff, we are both not virgins either. I've had 24 partners and she's had 3. ofcourse i lied to her about the numbers or girls i slept with, because it's beyond the point.

She told me from the get go that she isn't a slut and doesn't put out easily, she said that if she did put out she would of slept with 100's of guys. She says she's picky and her relationships usually only last a few weeks, so she likes to take it slow.

OK no problem! Slow is good but honestly it seems she's at a dead stop. her and i have only made out a handful of times and she refuses to go any further, because she keeps saying she wants to wait to do anything sexual.

So many negative thoughts have been going through my head and i'm starting to think it's odd. she gives me so many "horny" signals, she'll climb on top and grind me and give me this naughty look. but if i try to advance she turns me down.

This is unheard of in my opinion. All my friends say it's odd and that is coming from many of my friends that are female. she shows no sign of moving ahead at all. I haven't even been able to touch her boobs or anything.

She's so hot and turns me on so much. she will get me hard and just rub her hand around my crotch but never grab my little soldier. She's such a tease! I will wait but i would like to know if this is common! I would settle for more making out and maybe getting alittle Closer to a sexual experience but this is wierd! She told me she had sex after 3 months with her boyfriend, before me. It's been about a month and a half and not evenclose! I asked if she wanted to jack me off but she said no. I think she's a tease if you ask me. I can go to the bar and have girls give me a handjob on the dance floor but i can't get my girlfriend who i care about to show any sexual interest in me. I REALLY want to be the one woman man and i have given up Drinking and partying but I have needs, i want my Woman to touch me and Take me to places i've never been. I know what it feels like to be satisfied by someone you love.

just so you don't think i'm a player or ever was my story is complicated. I was dating a girl since i was 15 til i was 19.I loved her so much! We were engaged and everything. She was killed by a drunk driver a week before xmas in 2002. it broke my heart and i tried to killed myself but Failed, I promised myself i would never love again and wont let myself get attached to another woman. So i sold my Contracting company because she and i started it together and i opened up a bar.. I started partying 24/7 literally an having meaningless fling with shallow women. Then Tia came into my place for her friends birthday party and i swear i saw an angel.

maybe this is gods gift to me, To show me that somethings are special and worth waiting for. i have no idea. help me
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