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next Date with friends?!

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Question next Date with friends?!

Hey guys,

I got to know woman about half year ago (were both 19). We actually had great chemistry and I saw and treated her as a friend which she did as well. Besides some time where we were busy and didnít have any contact for about 6 weeks we did fun activities like once a month and exchanged a message every day or so. Last time I tried to inititiate some body contact which she didnít replied to.
Now I wanted to set a real date in the nature which is not just a fun activity between friends. She said that she wanted to do something with our mutual friends that day anyway and that i should join them at her place (her best girlfriend and a good Ąfriendzonedď friend of her). I get along with them but wanted this to be a real date.
Maybe she just wants to communicate that she sees me as just a friend. Or she wants to see how I react. Or she doesnít know my true intentions yet and really wanted to something with her friends.

My plan is to say that I donít want to join them and that we can meet some other day. Would this be too unflexible? I know that it would be hard getting closer to her within that group but maybe she needs them as a security After i started to change my behavior and we can meet up one-on-one a week later.
Or would this put me deeper into the friendzone?
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She has already rejected your physical advance and doesn't want to have a romantic relationship with you. She only wants to be friends, and now she only wants to do that in a group so you won't try it again. Sorry. Once a woman indicates she isn't interested in that, it's not going to change. She wouldn't have denied your advances if she had even the remotest notion that she might want to be romantic with you.
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Yeah, she rejected you when you made a move and she rejected you again when you tried to clarify your position and ask her on a date, with the group thing. If I am interested in a woman and she wants to do the friend thing, I let her know that is not what I am looking for and I am not interested in hanging out as friends. That's about your only play.

It's not about being pissy and not being friends out of spite, it's about not being friends because you are romantically interested and hanging out as just friends would be unpleasant for you. It's important that if you turn down being friends you let her know that is the reason..."I'm interested in more so it would be difficult to hang out under other terms, so I wish you well!".

She really is not going to change her mind after you've basically tried twice, so slide out of the situation with her respect and your own intact.
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You are friend zoned already.....but go and see if she has any cute friends, and get their number.

You are a fool if you believe that having each others passwords = trust.
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