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Why would you not contact while on holiday?

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Old 7th March 2018, 3:38 PM   #16
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I was going to say he's in vacation mode and for some people that means stepping away from what they do regularly and not keeping in contact with even people they care about but they just don't want to be in their regular life mentality (i definitely do this).

Not sure how you are finding out that he is in touch with friends etc--that to me seems to be like a bit of monitoring--and when people monitor it's usually because they aren't getting a level of contact that is justified for the relationship point that they are at or they are clingy/worried and the other person feels that and pulls away--or a combo of both.

So I would agree with the others that part one of your relationship is different than part two and it seems like it is slipping backwards. Combined with no contact (when he has a way to) and the fact that he is in contact with others, he is already kinda treating you like an obligation vs. his friends. This is not progress, i.e. not great.

I'm not sure of what you should do exactly. I am leaning a bit toward what Maggie said to maybe be in touch with him yourself. In a way it's a little test (not to be thought of badly but to see where you fit into his life and there are TWO of you in this!). If you do this though, I'm going to say: make sure your message is well-crafted, not needy, and with positive good intentions or it may backfire. Anyway, you really shouldn't have to tiptoe around a guy you have been dating this long so much--don't be so afraid. Though it is a little odd that he just took off on the vacation without giving you any idea of if you would hear from him, etc (again it shows a backslide, to me or a relationship not in line with how long/frequently you have been dating). Goodluck
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Old 7th March 2018, 6:38 PM   #17
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When my boyfriend and i were dating for about 5 weeks, he went on a 10 day vacation he had planned before we met.
It was a place in the forest away from civilization and electricity.
He promised himself to not even bring a laptop and he didnít want to use his phone on the trip.
Didnít work. Because we were already crazy for each other he ended up bringing his laptop and phone and he kept me updated about the stuff he did while away.

There were a few days where he tried hard to adhere to his initial promise to himself and we had no contact. But it was insanely hard for both of us and in the end he just wished that i had been there with him.

If you date someone for 3 months and they go away and donít contact you for several days on end - they canít be that crazy about you.this should be the honeymoon phase still. You should be head over heels
For each other.
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Old 7th March 2018, 10:05 PM   #18
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There could be a thousand reasons why not, but it boils down to you are not his priority. The relationship is new though. Only a couple of months. Preoccupy yourself in the meantime. Don't wait on his call. If he does call great. If not, it doesn't mean somethings wrong. Guys are spacey. They need time. Go live your life.
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Old 9th March 2018, 11:12 AM   #19
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Thanks everyone for sharing your views. And indeed you guys were right. Guess I also kind of knew that it's a dead-end but didn't want to admit it. Thanks all again.
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