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Is she attracted?

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Is she attracted?

I am pretty close with a coworker at work. I would even say we're friends outside of work. We've hung out socially outside of work. But we practically talk all day long at work. Since our offices are next to each other, we talk through the wall. It gets to the point where coworkers walking by think we're talking to them. I've had coworkers joke about us dating or being "partners in crime." However, she has a boyfriend and she does mention him a lot in conversation.

Our exchanges are pretty platonic and friendly for the most part and she does talk about her boyfriend a lot. There was even a period of time when she was having problems with her boyfriend and she told me about it (along with other coworkers in the offices). However, there are some things that make me wonder if she's attracted to me in some way. I do admit I am attracted to her. She would jokingly call me "mister" a lot. This sounds kind of flirty to me. One time I joked about "going back to looking like a hobo" and she said "oh please, you never look like a hobo." It could be her being nice. However, we usually playfully give each other a hard time so her saying something like that seems out of character. She asked me to help her hang up a painting in her office. And as she walked by to observe, her hand brushed against my backside twice. I thought it was an accident at first but it was strange because it was not like it was a small room where somebody had to squeeze through. Lastly, she asked me if I wanted to taste her coffee from her own cup after I said I'd never tried that kind of coffee before. It could be friendly but to me, that seems more intimate than something you would do with coworkers or friends.

I don't intend to date her or meddle in their relationship. However, I just wanted to know whether I was overthinking it of there is really some attraction on her end.
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You are overthinking big time. Sorry. I know it would be a nice ego boost but you are so much a friend. I see no attraction here.

Look up the episode "The Misinterpretation Agitation" from the Big Bang Theory.
You want the scene in which the guy talks about "two Mississippis." Look it up on Youtube and you will likely laugh at your post afterward.
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i agree with Mike B your over thinking on this one
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