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Online dating becoming obsolete?

Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Things not working out the way you had hoped? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on!

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Old 6th October 2017, 9:16 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by in_patient View Post
I think OLD is horrid.

The types of women I see on there are NOT the same types of women you see out, socializing.

Women with horrible pictures taken in their bedrooms. Fuzzy, blurry pictures. Weird 'about me' sections with things like "NO DRAMA!! IF YOUR CRAZY KEEP AWAY!" or "ask me xxxxxxx" - It is infuriating.
Definitely not true in LA. I guess this depends on where you live and what app you use. I find no shortage of ridiculously hot women and I'm pretty picky. Sometimes on Bumble or Tinder, I can swipe right 5 times in a row...
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Old 6th October 2017, 9:35 AM   #17
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Originally Posted by gbe2015 View Post
That's the problem with OLD. You've set up 4 dates with pictures of people who may or may not be like that in real life. You've already started creating a persona of that person in your head that could be completely wrong. Now the person needs to live up to that image you've created when you do meet. OLD may be easier but meeting them in real life right from the start is the best way to go imo.

That's very true but if you're not into them you can usually go get more with some clicks of your fingers. That's the beauty of it. I always meet early. I'm pretty picky these days though and only set up with guys I'm 95% sure I'll find cute. I guess it helps guys don't abuse filters and MySpace angles. Unless they cat fishme, I usually know what I'm getting going in. I haven't had but 2 experiences I was let down by looks, but they were still cool guys and I had fun

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Like anything, loser people find opportunity to abuse a free service...catfishing, penpals, cheaters, liars, jerks, criminals/rapists. ebay and sites like it, are now over run by asian sellers placing fraudulent ads, knock offs, and crappy product. I agree there is a need for something new.

If Vinyl records are making a come back, maybe try going out and physically socialize with people.

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I am praying that my current relationship works out. I met her on Bumble but I never want to have to use OLD again. I am through with it.

2 years ago, OLD was so easy, nice and positive for me. Now I want nothing to do with it. I will just find women in real life if my current relationship doesn't work out in the long run.
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