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Another work-related dilemma! Ask him out?

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Another work-related dilemma! Ask him out?


Mid-twenties single girl here. I have a crush on a guy at work. Met him about five weeks ago, we laugh, we have the same interests, he's good looking, he complimented my hair! I feel a real connection with him and would like to ask him out ... He's only staying for about 2 more months, then his contract ends.

He's not a direct colleague (I only see him when I run into him at lunch, maybe once a week) but he'll need to get back to me on a project he's working on in which I'm a little bit involved, within this month. So if I get rejected I'll have to be in contact with him at least once, not counting running into him at lunch. I'm afraid it will be awkward.

I'm torn between going for it NOW because I haven't liked a guy like this in ages, or not doing it now to avoid any work awkwardness and then try to contact him after he's left, in two months.

For now, I'm just enjoying the feeling of having my first crush in ages! Also, I've never asked anyone out. Tips welcome
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If I were you I'd be a bit patient. Wait until you finish the project and try to get to know him more as a colleague. Flirt and show interest nonverbally, with the eyes, and smile at him at lot. And the day before he leaves give him your # to stay in touch, then you've got nothing to lose
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