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"If he introduces you to his friends, he's into you" myth or truth?

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Old 22nd August 2013, 8:58 PM   #1
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"If he introduces you to his friends, he's into you" myth or truth?

There seems to be a general notion that if a guy introduces you to his friends that's a sign that he's into you. This may not be something gender specific, but I'm a woman who's completely clueless about mens' feelings and emotions (I can't even realize when guys are hitting on me until they're literally going for a kiss). I've been casually seeing someone for almost 5 months now who has introduced me to his closest childhood friends, to the point where sometimes I'm the only girl in the group. We havent talk much about each other feelings or our type of relationship because he met me while I was with my ex and at the time I started seeing him I wasnt ready for a new relationship. However, I feel like now that I know all of his closest friends and how they treat me (with the type of respect one treats our friends' gf/bf) that maybe this could be headed towards a serious path, but the thing is that we don't really talk during the week and we only text eaxh other to set up our "dates" (we do talk lots during such dates). I've also noticed that lately he's been using more "us" and "we" and making references to future activities together.

I think I may be catching feelings for him and I'm searching for clues that he's really into me to talk to him about how I feel. Could it be that he may be catching feelings for me but he's maintaining some distance because my initial "i just broke up, im not ready for.something serious" talk when we met? Is he introducing me to his closest friends and inviting me to his 'best friends only' parties (where Im literally the only woman) a sign that he may be feeling something more that the physical/sexual attraction for me or is it something meaningless?
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Maybe. It means he likes you enough to make the effort to impress you with his big group of friends.

The true test is meeting his family. That goes for men and women. If someone's family are close at hand and they don't introduce you usually it means they aren't into you or don't consider you to be a serious possibility.
A woman who was in love with a man would not call him boring. When they love you, they think you are more exciting than you really are! - Gary S (same with genders reversed)
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I say truth. But if you end up at a family reunion, you're in.
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You've been around him long enough so is this normal for him? Does he bring all his dates to these things or just special people in his life?

That should provide your answer without really asking him directly.

I bring dates to lots of functions (weddings, business events, parties, etc). I don't bring women I'm not serious about to anything involving my mom and dad but sisters and brothers are a different matter entirely (as I consider them friends).

Hope that helps!
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Anyone I was with got invited to meet friends. It's important to me to have my friends and girlfriends know each other and get on. Maybe it's a bigger step for other guys.
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