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I am tired of being rejected, I am tired of being alone

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Old 3rd February 2004, 8:19 PM   #1
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I am tired of being rejected, I am tired of being alone

Please, someone, anyone, analyze this for me.

I go out with Ashley, and my friend Courtney helps me through the process. Courtney has a thing for my friend Matt but it fails. My relationship ends with Ashley.

Courtney and I start to get close and we eventually admit we have feelings for each other. We have a strong affection during the summer but are too shy to do much about it. It eventually dies out at the start of school.

For months I feel empty and lonely... I want her back because I desire more fond memories of her... and she is absolutely wonderful to be with.

Later, as we talk again, I get berated for thinking we would ever have a chance together. I get some sense of closure and I try to stop having affection for her.

Months later (a week ago today), she admits she likes me again because we started talking to one another. However, same old story. She does not think I would ever "do anything" or "make a move" so she is unsure where the relationship would go (to be fair, I do not think she does anything either)

We sit next to each other in 3rd period but I find that despite the fact that she has said she has some degree of interest, she is always talking with my friend Eric.

I don't know what to do.
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Old 3rd February 2004, 8:21 PM   #2
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I will say this though. Eric already is known for having an interest in another girl, Jenny.

Courtney has tried to start conversation a few times, and has taken my notebook just to look through it, and yesterday she unzipped my backpack. I don't know if this is flirting or not O.o She seems to spend more time talking with Eric and so forth. Augh.
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Old 3rd February 2004, 11:14 PM   #3
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You definitly need to start talking to her more. Ask her if she would like to hang out like the old times. And if she is interested in you like how it used to be where there is some attraction why don't you start where you left off. You ask her out and be the aggressive one in the relationship. You know that she wants you, so go get her killer.

So what that she is talking to this ERIC guy. It don't mean anything. She could be just talking to him just to talk to him and make small talk. So, don't sweat that part. Just tell her how you feel and make sure you tell her that you have strong feelings for her still. Don't be hesitant. If she don't think you will "do anything" or "make a move", you need to prove her wrong. If you both are shy but revealed that you both have interest in eachother, then you ask her out. Don't wait because she will end up getting picked up by some other dude. So, you make the attempt. See where the relationship goes.
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Old 4th February 2004, 8:58 AM   #4
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Just keep talking to her and if it feels right then ask her out. There isnt a huge risk in trying.
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Old 4th February 2004, 12:49 PM   #5
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Sounds like this girl does like you.......But the problem sounds like your not aggressive enough. Trust me for some people interest isn't enough, you have to be asertive. I knew a girl like that, she knew I had an interest and kept hoping I would just take control. I never did, she decided she didn't want to wait and met someone new. So thats my opinon maybe you might want to take a shot at it. I find dating is like a game, and it can work once you get to know the person.
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Old 7th February 2004, 7:17 AM   #6
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Definitely go talk to her. You're doing exactly what she says you will -- Not making a move. Tell her how you feel. Ask her out somewhere. Give her your phone number if you don't already talk on the phone. Even if she has it, give it to her and say "Call me."

If you have hers, go call her. Just confront her and make a move! That's what she wants you to do! There's never any harm in trying.
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