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There's this girl . . . !

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There's this girl . . . !

I am a freshman in college, and I have recently met this girl that is also the same age. We can call here, Jenny. Jenny and I met in Freshmen Council at our University, and have recently become friends. On campus, I am a member of a fraternity, and we are holding a formal event (dance, dinner, etc.) soon and we are to bring a date.
I had been looking for a date for a little while, and I recently was given the idea to ask Jenny. One thing that sort of pulled me away from that idea was that Jenny liked a friend of mine, who is also in my fraternity some time ago. He does not "like" her back, and she seems that she is no longer interested in him and has moved on. So, I was given the idea of asking Jenny by one of Jenny's good girl friends. I asked her friend if she would sort of scout out the situation and see if she would like to go with me. When the friend responded, she told me that Jenny said, "Oh yeah, I'm going with him to their formal." Him, referring to myself. I was kind of like, "huh?" But, I will not complain.

I was sitting at dinner with another friend of mine two nights ago and while we were sitting there, Jenny and another friend of hers come and talk to us for a little while. After 15 mins, they sit down at our table and continue talking to us. The whole time, Jenny was sort of starring me down, if you will. I know she wants me to ask her, but I didn't ask her at dinner because I didn't want to exclude her friend, because another girl they arrived with was asked by the friend I was at dinner with originally. I felt like a total dumb*** after that. However, she was going to come over to the fraternity house that evening to visit a girl who was there. I waited there until 12:30, when she informed her friend that she wasn't coming. Today was the start of our Spring Break as well.

To add, I texted her this afternoon wishing her a fun Spring Break. After like 2 texts, she sends a "Well, I gotta go. Have a good break!" She was very short with her messages as well. I feel that she is either pissed, upset, or mad.

My question is; is she mad that I didn't ask her at dinner, or is it not that big of a deal? Also, I have some feelings for her, but I am not sure she feels the same. Is there anything I can do? I am just trying to get into Jenny's head a little bit and figure some things out. I am a guy, and I am confused as heck right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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