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Discuss your views early on about disciplining the kids

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Discuss your views early on about disciplining the kids

Even if two people in a relationship agree on having kids it is also important that they agree on how to discipline the kids.

If kids see that their parents are in disagreement about discipline then they will play one parent against the other. So finding out his/her views on discipline 20 minutes into the 1st date is important.

Does he/she believe in spankings? Does he/she believe in taking away the Xbox games? Not agreeing on how to discipline kids is a deal-breaker. We have to think long term when we're dating & not just focus on the fun time we are having in the now.

There's just no way a relationship can work long term if two people have different opinions on disciplining the children. It will always lead to arguments when the time comes to discipline the kids.

I don't care what your views on discipline are whether you believe in spankings or groundings or spoiling the children. I'm debating that here. Just make sure you are with someone who believes the same as you on this issue. It's one less thing to argue about when you're married.
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I agree in part. I can't see myself even talking children never mind discipline styles 20 minutes into a first date.

If you have any exposure to children at all as a couple I think you'd be able to form a pretty fair opinion as to the type of parent they would be. After that, I think you could negotiate before having children how they would be disciplined.
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