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friend crush

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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friend crush

Hey guys, so long story short, I've been friends with this woman for two years now. We met when I transferred to her college and we became closer and closer friends with her as our other friends graduated one by one. Last year I started crushing on her, I asked her out, got rejected, and dropped it. We lost contact after that for 4 or 5 months because we both needed a bit of space after that, yet when we came back for the fall semester, we resumed our friendship (only platonic feelings at this point). I started getting questions about if we were dating from people in the engineering building about 2 months into the semester (we're both engineering majors, I'm mechanical and she's environmental). About a week after that, I realized I still have strong feelings for her and started to push her away again in order to get my head straight. Since then, I've only seen her when she stops by my house once or twice a week to hang out with my roommates and I (we're all mutual friends), yet the more I stay away from her, the more she seems drawn to me. This is causing problems because it's making me wonder if she might have changed her mind, yet I don't want to get my hopes up or anything. But this woman does nothing but affect my life in positive ways and is someone I could and would live with for the rest of my life if she would have me and that's why it's making it that much harder to just let go. Any advice would be great guys as neither my friends nor I have any good ideas on how to approach this further.
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She hasn't changed her mind. She likes your friendship. There's nothing more. If there was she would be more overt . . . touching you, batting her eyes at you.


Since you have feelings, I'd keep things with her limited to group events.
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your mind is playing tricks on you. you are just confusing friendship with a female for a crush. if she likes you would be able to tell right away cause it kind of becomes very obvious. women tend to do all the picking and chosing.

just stay friends and be glad she didn't block you when you told her your feelings and she rejected them. she is just not interested in you -- it could be you are just not her type or it could be these is someone else. just drop it and let it go.
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