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special needs friend dad has recently passed away and emotional outburts

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special needs friend dad has recently passed away and emotional outburts

My friend who has a mental age of a teenager is having a extremely hard time with the loss of his father. He does have an anger problem that seems to have got worse with an increase of emotional outbursts since his father died. I'm afraid one of these days he's going to hurt someone by lashing out at the person near him. Normally, he's just pounds on an inanimate object like a table or slaps himself. This is a problem I've heard he has struggled all his life. Other people have tried helping him.

My friend refuses to take medication thinking prayer will cure his anger problem and that he can try to control it. He blames it on the devil for his anger. I tried to explain to him that some Christians take medicine to balance their moods to help stay calm. He thinks talking to the Pastor will help. I think he would be better off getting help from a trained professional that deals with mental issues and anger management.

I don't if any of my friends that deals with him have talked to his family about his increase in emotional outbursts. I don't know his family so I wouldn't be comfortable talking about it with them. They never come around when I see him.
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Your options are limited, I think reaching out to his family (whether directly or through mutual friends) is the best route. Just explain your concerns calmly, and hopefully who ever is in charge of his care, can find him some help...
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Sorry to hear about your friend's loss! Losing a loved one is not easy. Does your friend have an exact and/or confirmed diagnosis by a medical/professional doctor? Sometimes, we don't know what to say or how to comfort someone who is going through what your friend is experiencing. It may be helpful if his family and friends can reach out to a professional therapist or counselor for advice on how to help him cope with his loss. He might be more comfortable talking to someone familiar for now. Sounds like he's a believer. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
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Will his pastor encourage him to use both meds AND prayer?
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