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with friend's behaviour?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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with friend's behaviour?

Ok so I noticed something today about a coworker- she has this awkwardness about hugging me for some reason at more intense times.

Today as an example. I won't see her for a number of weeks. She hugged other coworkers and said she would see me in the car park to give me a lift to my bus stop. In the car park she could have said good bye properly but chose not to. In the car she made a remark that she hasn't hugged me good bye, did this thing where she touched her lips and then touched my thigh and said good bye without really looking at me. I noticed that when saying bye she will happily hug her other close coworker but it's like she gets nervous. I notice when greeting people at events she kinda doesn't look at me, no eye contact until she gets to me, which is always last and then it's like she notices I am there.

we are both married - I'm a lesbian though. I don't know whether I make her uncomfortable- is this something I just have to live with, that some women I will just freak out? It's weird though, earlier she came and side hugged me for something and she makes a point of placing her hand on my arm or shoulder when talking. So I would have thought if I really made her uncomfortable she would stop all touching.
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Well, I have never met someone who was always hugging people in their place of employment, so this woman has some boundary issues to begin with and is overly demonstrative -- inappropriately so, really. I wouldn't worry about it. I think she's out on a limb over the top on touchy-feeliness with everyone. Yes, she probably doesn't want to lead you on or the opposite sex -- one hopes, but she simply may have no boundaries anyway and what she does may just be a plea for any attention she can get. Honestly, I'd be a bit relieved if someone in the workplace stopped hugging me regularly!!
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