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Best friend doesn't like bf?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Best friend doesn't like bf?

I haven't been dating my boyfriend for very long. He treats me well, loves me and cares about me. Never has he cheated on me/beaten me or mistreated me in any way. We are long distance, so my best friend has not had any sort of interaction w/him. The thing is my best friend got offended by what he posted online because he has different beliefs and outlook on life. He has never personally attacked her or her beliefs.

He is coming down to see me and I am super excited, but my friend is not coming over for my Birthday party I'm throwing because my boyfriend will be there. My boyfriend isn't going anywhere and I'm not going to stop dating him just because someone was offended. Opinions?

I know this is not her wanting the best for me, as she is judging him just based on what he believes and is taking everything personally. Other then the party, I'm going to be alone w/my bf since we haven't seen each other for months. He hung out w/another friend of mine, who has different beliefs and treated her very well, she even said that he was very nice.
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You sure your friend doesn't have some feelings more than platonic for you?
"I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not better for it." -- Abraham Lincoln
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I have to admit to taking an instant dislike to those who post falsehoods as facts. The stuff which can be countered with the most basic research. For example, the amount of money paid to an individual on government support. However, if his posts are thoughtful and intelligent, then dislike isn't warranted.

Which brings me to the question: Is he posting links to mass media rubbish or articles written by academics who know what they are talking about?

Also, he may not be attacking her personally, but do his views attack those who she cares about?
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