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Dividing Vacation Costs

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Old 16th January 2013, 8:58 PM   #1
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Dividing Vacation Costs

Ive been struggling with this, I'm hoping a few people can help me figure this out. Like they say, no good deed goes unpunished...

I'm going on vacation to Paris and taking my daughter and her friend. I rented a 2 bedroom apartment, perfect for our 2 week stay. I would have rented a larger apt., but none of my other freinds or family wanted to commit in time to reserve.

After that, my newly single cousin decided she and her brand new boyfriend wanted to come along. They rented their own one bedroom place near mine. Perfect. 800 EU.

Then, my oldest friends daughter found out she could get time off work and I'm thrilled she can come. I have no more room in my place but find her a tiny studio on my street for 500EU. Her Dad paid and it's close to me, perfect.

Of course my cousin ditched the boyfriend so now needs a roommate. My freinds daughter loses a deposit of 250EU if she cancels her place to share the larger one bedroom apartment with my cousin....but she would be sleeping on a fold out in the living room, have her own bath. I think she should pay less since she has no private room.

Someone please tell me how much each should pay to share the 800EU one bedroom apt. also considering the 250 loss on the studio no longer needed.

I do think they should room together, since they will be having their dinners and such at my place.

Oh, the rates are per week.
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Old 17th January 2013, 2:14 PM   #2
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800 - 500 / 2 = 175

Friend's daughter forfeits deposit of 250 and pays cousin 175 and sleeps on sofa. Her overall cost is 425 for lodging. Cousin's cost is 625. Since friend's daughter had costs covered, it would be generous of her to offer her remainder, 250, as an offset, reducing cousin's cost to 550, raising her cost to 500, which is what she had paid for the studio.

IMO, each person is responsible for their own choices in securing lodging and each can continue in that lodging, absent a mutually agreeable compromise. The numbers above are what I'd shoot for.

In the case of friends, which these people are not, I routinely waive lodging when folks are staying with me while traveling, as I generally have a condo, and invite them to buy some groceries/wine, etc as they see fit. I find it makes things flow more easily instead of doing a bunch of accounting. Your situation is different, hence the numbers part. Good luck.
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Let them negotiate it between each other. They both stand to save money if this works out. They could also split the rent 50/50 and take turns using the bed. One person has it a week than the other person or switch every night...The other girl already has her own place so it's the girl who needs a room mate who is in the real bind lol. I mean unless the deal was sweet and I was going to save money I wouldn't want to leave my own place to break about even.
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Old 17th January 2013, 8:10 PM   #4
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THANKYOU BOTH! I felt like an idiot posting this and really needed the help. I can't tell you.

I love the way Carhill broke it down and that's the way I will suggest it. I may actually just quote the verbiage entirely.

Nghtsky, I completely agree with you that I would not give up my personal space. I didn't invite anyone to share my bed and bath that's for sure.

I'm thrilled these are other women are able to come since otherwise I would be spending 2 weeks in Paris with 2 17 year old girls trying to continually get away from me. Now I have adult free willed company! but the other women have never travelled really so I would like them together, since I am definitely somewhat responsible for them especially the one who is only 24. My 17 year olds are more experienced.

Again, thank you. This was actually a problem I just was stumped with.
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