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Ack... Did I mess up?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Ack... Did I mess up?

Okay, so some of you may be familiar with how I fell hard for a girl I know from work, and asked her out, and ultimately got turned down by. I basically still have feelings for her deep down, but I've made peace with the way things are between us, and I'd like to be friends with her, because we get along so well.

So, a couple weeks ago, she and I (along with some other coworkers) were out at a bar. The subject of my birthday came up, and I made it known that I was hoping to do something with people (and I'd like for this girl to come along, seeing as how I like her a lot). She seemed very interested in joining me for my birthday festivities next month, but when she found out what day it was on, she said she had plans (though she did joke about me celebrating my birthday at the place and with the people she's going to be with on that day). So, having given it some thought, I thought perhaps I could do something the day before, so that she could attend.

Today, I said "Hey, I know you said you're busy on my birthday, but would you be free to do something the night before?". She was a bit reserved with her answer, saying she wasn't sure, she might be, but again, wasn't completely sure. I told her I'd keep her posted. Thing is, looking back, I kinda wonder if she thought I meant just me and her. Which, I didn't. I didn't specify "as a group", as I thought that was implied, and I didn't think anything of it.

So, I'm just slightly worried I may have scared her off, making her think I was asking her out again, or something like that. I'd very much like for her to be there, but I hope I can "damage control" the situation so that she's willing to come along.
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Oh, geez, I didn't even think of that...

Eh. See, I'm pretty sure she's not going to be working at the same place as me for much longer, so I'm trying to enjoy the little time I get with her as much as I can before she leaves and I never see her again. I was just hoping to actually spend one more evening outside of work with her before she goes away forever, yanno?
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