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best friend hasnt talked to me in months??!!

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Old 25th October 2012, 11:09 PM   #1
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Unhappy best friend hasnt talked to me in months??!!

my best girlfriend of 4 years suddenly stopped talking to me about 4 months ago-we used to spend every weekend together dinner shopping playing the wii talking etc... our teenagers were good friends too and her 2 yr old son and I were very close i used to babysit him alot. Last time i saw her was at my daughter bday party in June. we were very close! we knew everything about each other and always talked and cried about men and breakups
but not a word, call text, message, facebook nothing!!....
im confused
so they only thing i can think of is I started dating a guy she was friends with,she mention him last year maybe once but i didnt think nothing of it
so I meet the guy(now ex) on and we dated for four months, now the "thing " is since we started dated they didnt speak much either so i was like hmmm... but i asked him many times in the beginning of dating him if anything happened between them and he said no so i left it as that. Told him I would NEVER date or get involved with a guy that my best friend dated or was involved with. She never mentioned anything either and I knew almost every dude she dated, etc....
he used to ignore her and i think mostly was because he knew that we didnt speak anymore so it was kind of weird or something.
I did send her a email about 2 months ago saying "hey I was just wondering if you were mad at me or something?" she replied, no i was wondering the same thing but sorry ive been a hermit dealing with issues with babys father etc.. so replied ok, well take care and tell your son we miss him and hi
so nothing after that, I see everything with her and family on facebook and just keep wondering why she stopped hanging out with me out of the blue!
the whole 4 months I dated this dude I wondered if she even had a clue or what she knew or what they might have texted. as far as i know he ignored most if her texts because it would be uncomfortable.
so now i'm wondering what to do? defriend her on facebook? email? just ignore her? i mean they say you need your friends the most when going through a breakup and she was always there for me the past 5 years with all my other dramas issues with men and I was there for her when her ex broke up with hr and cheated and through the babys birth etc...
I just dont know what to do???! help
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Old 27th October 2012, 6:33 PM   #2
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Hi there!

Why don't you send her another email or just pick-up the phone and call her? There is obviously something going on and you have the right to ask what it is. If after emailing/calling a second time, your friend still does not want to talk to you, well there is nothing much you can anymore unfortunately. The most important thing though is that whatever happened with the guy you dated happened in good faith and you should not blame yourself for what happened subsequently.

Good luck

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Old 27th October 2012, 10:19 PM   #3
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I would try calling your beat friend... if you don't get anywhere with that... then i would have to say give it up for now... you cant force anyone to be your friend. I have had a few friends leave and reappear in my life... you might be close again the future.
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Old 28th October 2012, 1:54 PM   #4
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I just dont think I should be the one to contact her since I sent her to last email saying take care and we miss you and the baby!
I'm thinking its linked to me dating one of her guy friends, thats exactly when we stopped talking, hes now my ex, and I have no idea if they speak now or not or if she really knows we dated, as far as i know he didnt have contact with her the 4 months we dated either, just strange, very!
oh and Im not dating him anymore
not sure if I should just defriend her from facebook or not??
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Old 29th October 2012, 8:17 PM   #5
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Unhappy contacted her

ok so it was driving me crazy so I emailed her
this is what i said:

So I'm not sure really what to say other than should I still consider you my friend??? I mean we havent had any kind of contact in awhile and I really dont know what to think

her response:

Never said we weren't friends anymore. And yes, I haven't been in contact much which I guess makes me a crappy friend like I said before and I'm sorry. With everything I had going on with myself, I feel like we kinda grew apart. You started hanging out wt other ppl and going places and I just kinda backed off. I dont go anywhere or do anything on the weekends except hang out wt my kids. Went to Steph and Jrs for a party last night and was home before midnight. Im in the process of buying a house in smbrg and am supposed to settle this wk so I have been BEYOND stressed out wt that bc I have been working on that since June. Other than that, I hibernate. I did join weight watchers bc I am now heavier than I was when I delivered B. I am sorry if I have upset you, it was not intentional by any means. But yes, I still consider you as my friend...sorry


thats good news about getting a house, well, I finally got a job and I'm still home a good bit also, but thats too bad you feel you cant hang out with me! Brea keeps asking me when we are going to get together to play the new Just dance! but you know me, I'm always trying to go somewhere or do something!

her last reply was just that she saw my daughter and mom and a fast food place and asked me where I was working

I replied to where I was working and that was it

so I guess im done contacting her its sad we were very good close friends for 6 years, and we talked daily for about 2 yrs and hung out every weekend
but nothing else I can do! sucks Ive lost my best girlfrend and my ex boyfriend ALL within a month or so ugh!
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