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Good looking female friends

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Good looking female friends

Hey all -

In the last few years I have found all of my female friends are very good looking. Its not something I seek out, it just sort of happens.

I'm not trying to brag, Im mainly wondering how a guy with a lot of good looking female friends is perceived?

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Originally Posted by Mark1 View Post
I'm not trying to brag, Im mainly wondering how a guy with a lot of good looking female friends is perceived?

Prob'ly either you know what, or a player.

I guess it begs the question, are you an attractive guy, or more of an average Joe?
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Originally Posted by Teknoe View Post
Prob'ly either you know what, or a player.

I guess it begs the question, are you an attractive guy, or more of an average Joe?

Average Joe.
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All sorts of people will arrive at all sorts of conclusions.

My opinion, based on my own experience, is that (a) chance has a big part in it (b) pretty girls often make great friends because they don't fall in love with you simply because you've shown some attention (c) they're great to look at too and (d) beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the more you like someone's personality, the more you see them as physically pretty.
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Thumbs up Safe pair of hands

Perceived by whom? Other beautiful girls or guys?

IMO If you are not involved w/your beautiful female friends, I would say you are perceived as someone fun, safe and acceptable to be seen with socially, like an escort? You know?

Also, maybe a backup plan C, D or whatever...
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It depends on whether these friends are naturally pretty, or do they walk around with makeup plastered on their faces and wear clothing that makes it obvious they are trying way too hard to look good (tight, short, low-cut, you get the idea). If it is the former, I think absolutely nothing of it. If it is the latter, it makes me sort of wonder.

For a woman trying to date a guy with many hot female can be intimidating. Ya know?
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