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3 interview in 1 day. bad things grr

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3 interview in 1 day. bad things grr

well i just had 3 interviews today, the first one was a complete mess. when she's asked me if i could explain to her in more detail what communication skills i had in my last job, my brain went dead. i felt so stupid. the other 2 interviews went well. i got my confidence better than my first one. anyone give me an advice on how i could explain to them good communication skills? also why i would want to work for there company,

your help would be much appreciated.
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You need to research their company in order to tell them why you would want to work for them. Giving a general answer won't impress them. You're going for an interview there, obviously there must be something you like about the company. What is it? Tell them.

As for your communication skills, what are they? Only you know this. Are you a good team-worker? Do you have a knack for explaining things? Listening? Nobody can tell you WHAT to say; these are all personal things. Good luck!!
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I hate to sound mean, but if you can't communicate in an interview on your own without help, how will you manage in the job when you have to do a presentation or answer questions? Maybe you need to go to some public speaking classes or something.
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Originally Posted by daverave2005
if i could explain to her in more detail what communication skills i had in my last job, my brain went dead.
It happens sometimes. You need to be completely relaxed when talking to someone you depend on. When you sense that someone is "stronger" than you, your brain may "paralize." Our mind and body actually works best in survival mode (when we fight for something), but panic ruins it all. So any problems you might experience during interviews with potential employers could be due to insecurity. Self-confidence comes with experience (even within one day) - hence the improvement in your next two interviews. When you "spent" all your fear at the first interview the other two went better.

However, your brain didn't really just stop, because you still can't answer the question. It's a delicate question and I am not surprised you had a difficulty answering it under pressure. You can possess communication skills and use them in your job. She should have formulated the question differently. But what she basically asked you was to describe your last job. E.g. you had to explain to people the advantages of the product/service they offered and give them instructions on using it. You had to convince them that they would benefit (and how) from buying the product. So it's a skill of persuasion of the potential customer. Or: your job was to give support so you made sure customers were satisfied with your answers. So you were required to recognize the problem and give the proper answer politely, clearly, precisely, and concisely. Or: you had to answer the phone and greet guests so politeness and eloquency were crucial.

Always remember that you have to asnwer something. Don't be mute and confused, don't stutter or hesitate. Just answer whatever comes to your mind and be all self-confident about your answer. If they were looking for another answer, they will most likely re-formulate the question so you will have a better idea of what they are asking.

If you completely don't understand the question, you can always ask a sub-question, e.g. in this case: "I assume you want to know about what type of communication was required at my last job, right?"

Why you would want to work for their company? You probably know that you need to do a thorough research about the company you're applying to work for. So knowing all about it, you might refer to some of the following factors:

1. opportunities for your future - you explain how working for them will contribute to your career; e.g. it's a huge corporation where you can advance and get promoted, etc.

2. experience - you are interested in gaining experience in that particular type of environment, e.g. lots of customers, lots of products, good connections, etc.

3. field of work - you state that you want to be in that business, that you see your interests and skills compatible with the requirements set in that industry and explain why.

What kind of job are you looking for?

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Originally Posted by RecordProducer
When you sense that someone is "stronger" than you, your brain may "paralize."
as in which way RP? like stop functioning or sieze up?
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