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Working with co-worker that hates me...

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Old 23rd February 2019, 8:45 PM   #1
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Thumbs down Working with co-worker that hates me...


So out of 6 people that work in the shop only 2 that I know hates me.

Heidi: Donít work with her alot and today was the third time that we worked together and I can already feel that our work relation is bad.

I took lunch break and I went to a grocery store to get food and when I came back my manager looked at me with angry eyes. When I said ęHiĽ to him earlier he was all good and happy so clearly Heidi had told my manager something that didnít make him happy about me. Still it is very hard to know what Heidi told the manager but I think I know.

Looking back there was a situation where the customers bought one soda and a sparkling water. the shop has a campaign where you buy two for 49kr norwegian krone and the customer complained that the price was not 49kr and I said it is just sodaís that you see in the picture of the campaign poster. Heidi said ęno itís not itís every sodaísĽ. He had taken one water so the campaign doesnít count.

I asked if he wanted to get the money back or switch the water out for soda and then he just said ęNo I donít have time for thisĽ then he was just standing outside of the shop and giving me the look.

What I did wrong was saying that the campaign only counts as the drinks you see in the posters but the customer being angry is not my fault. I even asked if he wanted money back.

SO I think Heidi told my manager that or it could be something else but all I know is that she said something that made my manager look at me with angry eyes. Also when I work with her I can feel that our relation is bad and I felt it the second time we worked together. I still donít know why sheís acting like that but I want to have a good work relation and donít know how

Alex: Long time this happend but I asked him something and he went behind my back and whispered to my manager. I get that he get pissed off by me asking questions but telling the manager only indicates that we donít have good working relationship.
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Old 24th February 2019, 9:57 AM   #2
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They don't hate you. They may be frustrated because you have poor customer service skills or they think you are relying on them too much.

Be proactive. Go to your manager & ask for extra training so you can be more productive & efficient.

Don't worry about Heidi & Alex. Just be professional around them.
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just smile a lot... retail depends on happy people ... so stress less

not sure how big a deal one confused drink sale would be in my cafe

get a new lip-stick, wear a new smile...
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Originally Posted by darkmoon View Post
just smile a lot... retail depends on happy people ... so stress less

not sure how big a deal one confused drink sale would be in my cafe

get a new lip-stick, wear a new smile...
They don't despise you. They might be baffled since you have poor client administration aptitudes or they think you are depending on them to an extreme.

Be proactive. Go to your director and request additional preparation so you can be progressively beneficial and effective.

Try not to stress over Heidi and Alex. Simply be proficient around them.Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox

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