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horrible boss abusing me

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Old 10th February 2019, 12:54 PM   #1
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horrible boss abusing me

So I have worked in a company for 6 years now. I have worked hard and now am the second most experienced person within the entire company. About a month ago one of our key employees left and the owner, had a fit of stress.
She hired a new girl to be her right hand, and she emails her on weekends, has emotional freakouts on her, etcetera. It is very difficult. One day I had gone in and worked for free and then a couple days later I had come in and I was clearing out this basement ( that was full of mold by the way ) and I mentioned something to the owner about why we shouldn't be down there. She freaked out at me, and contacted hr, telling them that I needed to follow directions and other nasty things. Then I spoke to HR told them what happened but they did nothing about it. They blamed me. Then about a week later we all had meetings with HR and she asked me to write a list of what my tasks were and send them to her, another girl had to do this as well. So I sent it to her and I later found out shes been saying I want Me to have nothing to do with strategical work and only things to do with tactical work. Meaning low end things, which makes no sense. Then this week I went on this call I have been on for months, and because one of our employees left, she rescheduled calls for business development its called, and didn't even tell me it was cancelled. I went on the call and nobody was there. Then I got an email this week with new opportunities and asked to comment, I said I don't think I am to comment but I think this and this would be a good idea.... I was then shot down and told that I was wrong and that I wasn't doing a good enough job in that area. She has not only been doing this to me but it feels that she is targeting me because for some reason I am an easy target. I am not responding. She is telling other people they are not doing anything or not doing enough and they are working 14 hour days and weekends. Only problem is that there aren't a lot of good jobs in my area, and I am making a decent wage, I honestly don't believe anyone deserves this though, has anyone been there?
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You don't say where you are from so the laws may vary.

Bosses are allowed to treat employees badly, impolitely etc as long as they don't do it because the employee is a member of a protected class. They generally can't expect an employee to work for free. That violates basic wage & hour laws. The mold may violate OSHA standards or subject the company to a claim for workers' compensation benefits if you get sick from the exposure.

That said if you have complained to HR but gotten no relief, getting a new job may be best.
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Iíd get a new job ASAP! Even if it meant less money while I looked for a better job.

They are pushing you out... if you donít leave on your own doesnít it look like they are finding reasons to try and fire you?

Get a job where people are nice... it makes for a much more pleasant work day!
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Yes, you need to leave as soon as you can, imo. The mold alone is a major health hazard that can cause all sorts of mysterious problems for people--really, really not worth it. Very difficult to treat, most doctors won't recognize how to deal with it, and life altering if you get mold poisoning.

Don't put in any more of your time for free. I would start looking for an exit.
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The cleaning out mold story is familiar. Didn’t you post this exact same thread not too long ago under a different username?

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Well, the company may be paranoid about being sued over the mold, for one thing. And they could be. She may have taken that as some sort of maneuver or whatever. Hope you took plenty of bleach with you.

I think you need to go talk to HR and see if they can offer any insight. Does she not have anyone over her? If so, put something in writing to HER boss.
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