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Was I wrong ?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Old 16th June 2018, 8:45 PM   #1
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Was I wrong ?

I had a HR manager email me from our San Diego California office a few days ago asking me if I knew the address to where a process server can be directed too in San Diego. I searched the company website and could not find the answer. I emailed the HR manager back and let her know , I would have to follow up with my manager . The lady then emails the Executive Director of our department and looped my response , the executive director saw my response and forwarded the email to my manager (who is on vacation for a week and half) and quote on quote says " my response is totally unacceptable, I should have taken ownership over the question and tried to find out the answer, of course I could have talked to my coworkers, or went to her for an answer, please coach her on how to respond to there type of inquiries, at this point I will figure out the question myself" quote. my manager emails me and say "This is not an acceptable answer" You need to research and find the answer" Keep in mind I was in the office alone, my managers were both on vacation, I searched the website. I feel like I'm going to get written up for my response, when i legitimately felt I didn't do anything wrong, and there were no resources at the time Am I in the wrong? What if Iím written up for this ?
Note: two months ago we had reorg , our Vice President changed and was informed shortly thereafter my department job duties would be transferred to another team . We were then given the task to create training documents and PowerPoint presentations to hand over to the new team who who will taking over our responsibilities Which the official date is June 25th . In addition the new Vice President will be sitting with each of us individually to job shadow us to sit with us and monitor our calls on July 5th
I donít know why but i feel Iím being targeted and not picked on for little things
I have other coworkers who make HUGE mistakes overpaying employees , giving the wrong information , ignoring emails and phone calls ..Iím not perfect but I donít really make a lot of mistakes But I feel like I did the worst mistake and could be fired or written up for this email
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Originally Posted by Atlpeach80 View Post
I have other coworkers who make HUGE mistakes overpaying employees , giving the wrong information , ignoring emails and phone calls ..Iím not perfect but I donít really make a lot of mistakes But I feel like I did the worst mistake and could be fired or written up for this email
I'm afraid the attitude of "He's done much worse" isn't going to get you anywhere.

Your supervisor and his/her supervisor both want you to handle these issues differently. Ignore that message at your own peril...

Mr. Lucky
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I'm afraid I agree with Mr Lucky here.

Any form of 'I don't know' and stating you'd need to refer to your Manager isn't taking responsibility for the question.
Yes, you may need to check with your manager but phrasing things differently can mean a different outcome.
A better response would have been 'I am investigating this and will get back to you by x time with an answer'. This would show you are looking into it and taking ownership of it.
There is a good chance that the person who asked the question already looked for the answer in the same place as you did.

Their issue here is with your approach, not that you have so far been unable to supply the answer, in my opinion.
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Old 17th June 2018, 3:19 AM   #4
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Sorry OP but you are in the wrong. You had a look on the website and then decided to say ďI donít knowĒ and handballed it to your manager? You should have dug around until you found the answer.. Iím sure you could have done a search of your hard drives/networks and emails at the very least. If you have exhausted all the avenues then you should have gone with Gemmaís response. I also think that this is not an isolated incident, if this is your approach it was probably picked up before.

As for others are doing worse thatís also debatable. Maybe they are doing worse than you in A And B but are absolutely acing C and D which makes them indespensable
ďSaid the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going.Ē
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Old 17th June 2018, 8:28 AM   #5
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Once somebody in the company asks you a Question it is your responsibility to keep looking.

I think it was OK that you responded quickly but you should have worded your answer differently: A preliminary review does not afford me the answer. I will get back to you on Monday, unless you need the information immediately, in which case I will keep searching.

At that point you could have asked a different manager but not looked like you were passing the buck.

In all candor that question sounds like something that should have been directed to the legal department. Service of process is a tricky issue.
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Old 17th June 2018, 3:18 PM   #6
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According to your OP you know that your manager is away for the next week and a half yet you told the HR person you were going to follow up with your manager. Were you really going to keep that person waiting almost 2 weeks, until your manager's return?

I agree with the posters saying you should have responded that you were continuing to investigate and then gone to coworkers, supervisors or whomever to find the answer. Planning to follow up with someone who is away for over a week is not acceptable.
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