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I am being really stressed due to my colleague

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Old 23rd January 2018, 8:13 AM   #1
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I am being really stressed due to my colleague

Hi all I need an advice. Two months ago a new girl came to our office at first she was very annoyed to me then she started talking to me but as normal. Now i am on leave for a month I work in Dubai, for the last few days she's been talking to me and she starting to get closer to me but i am trying to avoid any deep talk like sex and other stuff as i really don't need to this type of relation ship, two days ago she said please delete all the conversation i am ashamed i talked to u then she said we are not going to talk i said we will not talk no worries after two days she msg me again I am back , and we talk normally now then in morning time she msg me that have you said anything to any one about us as one of our colleague saying to her so sudden about gf and bf issues she started blaming me so much i am on leaves and i have not talked to any one this is what i told her she said do u want me to resign why u are doing this to me you break my trust i trusted u i explained her that i have not done anything why do i need to do this then she said my supervisor also asked her that does everything alright are u enjoying the work atmosphere she said did u tell her anything to her as last night she was sharing the office issues i said why the hell i do need to tell her she said i will resign i feel ashamed i am really stress full i have not done anything wrong even i did not gave any sign to her not i even told anyone about her. i really don't know how to deal i will go back on Feb 13 i know deeply she started liking me but i said in our culture its not possible to marry and i never saw her in that way she's 32 and im 27 i am afraid i will lose my job if she created any mess
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Old 24th January 2018, 8:47 AM   #2
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Are you on leave because of her? If so, you need to make paper copies of all electronic communications with her as insurance. Show them as your side of the story.

Then block her so she can't message you. In front of preferably a supervisor or somebody from HR tell her that you would prefer to not interact with her about anything other then work & you don't' want her texting you, emailing you, calling you or otherwise contacting you outside of work. At work never talk alone with her. Always have another colleague present as a witness.
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I agree. This sounds pretty one-sided, so you should keep copies of everything and present them if you need to. And tell her to stop talking to you about anything except work.
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Old 28th January 2018, 2:56 PM   #4
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Thank you every one yes i have all the conversations of her and I am not on leaves cause of her i am on my yearly leaves yes i am trying to ignore her and i have not replied of her msg since the last two days and she also have not replied ... but i tried to talked her few days ago i mean called her and said there is NOTHING BETWEEN US and don't think of anything I respect you it's better not to talk here then she said are you maid at me i am sorry i was just worried if any one knows about it i will feel ashamed that we talked about sexi said we have not and there is NOTHING BETWEEN US then she said okay I believe you..then she started sharing some songs that she liked i replied but very carefully. This is all just happened. and the last msg was My songs are more good then your's and i have not replied after that nor she msg me back. But in conversation she said if any one knows about us in the office how you will react I said my reaction will be normal as there is nothing between us i said why u asked this question she said just asking generally preparing you not get confuse i said i don;t have too as there is nothing between us.
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Old 7th February 2018, 3:29 AM   #5
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Stop entertaining conversations with her via messengers. Don't give her your phone number. Don't become friendly with her, she's obviously taking it the wrong way.

When you're back to work, make sure someone else is present when you talk to her or she talks to you, so that it's never a one on one conversation.

Your culture is very rigid, and it's better if you have nothing to prove or justify.
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