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How to mentally bounce back after being fired?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Originally Posted by UpwardForward View Post
I got fired a few times when I was young.

Amazing thing was: Both times I was able to land extremely good jobs immediately afterward. Above and beyond expectations and expertise.

That's awesome! I'm hoping to do the same! I had another phone interview yesterday with a great company that sends me away for a month to get trained in a very specific skill set. The job trains better, pays better, I learn a very marketable skill set, has a better work life balance and I make my own hours Mon-Fri. Only downside would be the long commute due to my assigned nursing home territory. However, even with the commute I'd still get home earlier than I do now since I currently work 12+hour shifts 8-8 and this job supposedly would have me finished with work by 3-4pm Mon-Friday
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I think it has happened to a lot of people, especially if you work for an organisation where they have fallen into a kind of pattern of behaviour. It does not sound like there is a nice amosphere at your workplace. Do people look happy? If not, that is a red flag. I was fired from one job and when I first went there, very few of the staff smiled. There was a gloomy atmosphere. I should have paid attention to that. It turned out they had a terrible staff turnaround rate, regularly took on staff supposedly 'permanently' to do a job that would last around 3 months and then let them go just before they had a legal duty to retain them.

A close family member of mine got fired. She felt she was doing a good job and trying to fulfill the brief she had been given. They kept challenging everything she did and made her miserable. Eventually they fired her. She was really down and hurt. She then applied for another job and was rapidly promoted. She has moved on now as she relocated to a better place but while in that job she had risen to deputy area manager. Just shows how the same person can be perceived entirely differently depending on the company's attitudes.
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I just wanted to thank everyone again for their advice. I had 4 more interviews yesterday and felt very confident in each. I even had one doctor call me for a job that I didn't even apply for, so my self marketing and networking are bringing in opportunities. I'm confident that I'll have a contract signed in December.

Today, I woke up in peace and at ease knowing that I'll soon be in an office with a better fit and work life balance.

Thank you all for your help and sharing your experiences.
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