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girlinNYC 17th October 2017 10:07 PM

Work dilemma
Recently I was essentially backstabbed out of my workplace. I was about to be promoted until someone with prior backstabbing form ensured I didn't get the role. I have always had positive relationships with all colleagues so maybe that was a threatening factor.
I'm over it, as I have no choice now but to be, but I'm struggling to find other positions that match my prior one (especially the promoted role) with job security and satisfaction. I was offered a role that isn't exactly satisfactory. Fixed term contract of 3 months only, along with unsteady hours.
I know I should be grateful for getting an offer but I also don't see the point in partaking in a role only temporarily when in three months I'll have to get back to job searching. The role doesn't intrigue me as it's a step down from what I'm qualified in doing, hence the lack of job satisfaction.

GemmaUK 18th October 2017 1:03 AM

Three months work is better than no work.

You don't know it won't be extended.

You could do like I have, get in there, prove yourself and be in demand.

I spent some time temping between several companies at one stage and ended up with permanent job offers for roles I wanted coming out of my ears so it was up to me to pick and choose.

Another time I went in for 3 months to organise the archiving, within 9 months I was the team leader for the department and they wanted me permanently.

Tribble 18th October 2017 6:58 AM

Are you still working at your job and looking for other work because of the lost promotion? Or are you out of work altogether?

If you're still working, I'd hold out for something more satisfactory for your long term goals. If you're out of work, I agree with Gemma, 3 months work is better than nothing and could open doors for you.

Eternal Sunshine 19th October 2017 11:16 AM

I am currently 5 years into what initially was a "12 months contract".

I agree with last poster, if you are still employed, I would hold out and be more picky.

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