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JustGettingBy 16th October 2017 10:17 AM

How 'normal' is this?
Seriously, what's the point of trying anymore?

After months of joggling two irrelevant jobs, and about a dozen interviews, I had finally landed a full-time job within my field of study (I'm looking for marketing and graphic design). It was for a small franchise of a large international company (will not name the company in order to avoid drawing negative attention).

So I give my two weeks notice at one of my old jobs, and tell my second job I can now only work once every week or two. Then my my employer sends me to a 2-week training course at a third party employment training center, and at the end of the training offers me a contract for less than we had previously agreed, and with different duties. I then see that the third party employer will be paying my salary for the first couple of months. After a few weeks, I catch on to how quickly people are let go (soon after the third party employer stops paying their salary) and realize that my 'graphic designer' position didn't contain any graphic design. I have since quit and gone back to my old job (so I still have income) but this really shook my faith in businesses, both large corporations and small businesses. How 'normal' is behavior like this from an employer?

JellyTot 16th October 2017 10:39 AM

It's unfortunately quite common for employers to string people along for their own selfish reasons and mess them about.

I've had an employer offer me a job, wait till I've quit my previous job, then send me an email the night before I'm due to start my new job saying they've changed their mind. Thus leaving me unemployed!

I've had an employer hire me, then sack me a week before I would technically become a permanent employee, then hire me back a few weeks later in the same job. Just to make sure I continued to be classed as temporary and thus never had the rights of a permanent employee.

I've had an employer hire me while I was working towards a qualification, then as soon as I qualified they sacked me because they'd have to increase my salary. Then replaced me with a cheap trainee who was still working towards her qualification.

Unfortunately it's all about the bottom line: what's cheapest and easiest for them. No concern for the wellbeing of employees or their need for permanent work. Just look at all of these zero hour contracts that are around nowadays - they sure as heck don't benefit the employees!

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