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youdunsay 7th September 2017 9:21 PM

Taking leaves -- a challenge?
My workplace has many colleagues who are married and have kids. For nearly three years, I couldn't take leaves during December because co-workers were given implied priority and I have to cover their work. Naturally, they have taken leaves during December with the reason to spend their precious time with their children. Even on certain days in which I wish to take leaves and spend my leaves my way, they would give even crucial reasons such as upcoming exams, "my wife would be in labour" etc.

Am I selfish or selfless? Is it that all single people shouldn't be entitled with any priorities to take leave during the times they wish to be?

bummer 8th September 2017 1:42 AM

you're an altruistic saint
you could invent a wife if you really want to be bumped to the priority class.

honestly, the best part of singledom without kids is you vacation outside the designated holidays. Resorts are less crowded, more people you would want to interact with... what's the problem?

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