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how to deal with my coworkers..

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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how to deal with my coworkers..

hi all,
I hope I can get some advice about hoe to deal with my coworkers.
I think I got isolated from the group...but I did not think I did anything to overcome the situation?
I am in early 30 and all other team members are around 50. I work really hard on my job. I do lots of overtime to make my work great...I report to lady A, she trained me most of job but I also have manager. Everyday before 5, lady A will ask me go home so I always do overtime at home without any one know..even during my company no one knows about lady A's job because she has been here for 20 years...I respect her and try my best to make her all jobs that assist her job perfectly done, and then I began to do my own job...
I was not in this role before, my previous manager hire me to do more senior level job as I have education and we worked together before, she knew I do great jobs...but suddenly there are changes in management team and they demoted me to this role to assist lady A...
right now the problem is other people still feel I am excelle in the team. and Lady A is afraid I will get senior assignment, like over her or equal to her..there are lady B and gentle man C, they feel they are the person who should get promote after lady A, so each time when lady A is not here, they will make up things to let lady A feel I did things on her back to show up myself...but actually I never did....I had a talk with her on Friday...basicly I just wanna say, I do not do things on people's back but I do want opportunity to grow, no matter where I am..
that is my career goal...but she does not understand...she feel I am trying to take things that belongs to her...and lady B and gentle man C feel same...but for me, I just want to do great job and go home and I wish my boss give me opportunity to grow, learn more, that's all....I never show off myself, most of time I just sit on my seat and do my work, if I know there is problem on their side, I also try to help them because I feel that is a good thing I should do...they do not feel appreciate but set me up, make things that I looked bad...
because last week lady A was sick, my big boss let me go to a meeting that he does not let gentle man C go, they all feel I did something ....lady A even at home heard this and came to work on Friday with sickness and it was half day, no boss was in the office...once she came, they began to gossip with her...and when she was not here, my manager asked me a question, I answered...they even feel this is a show off about myself over Lady A like I am trying to replace her....when we have social event, they try to not sit with me..and I feel isolated in my team...
but honestly I really did any thing bad to any one...I tried to help every one..I do not care to do more jobs..but they still hate me...even my manager she does not appreciate my dedicate work...only my big boss want to give me opportunity but he just resigned...all the people left see me as enemy....what should I do...I do not want to quit...I feel I did not do anything wrong or bad...I cannot just run away because they do this to me...but how to fix the whole situation...please give me some advice.
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I don't know where you are located but in the US, if you are an exempt worker, doing unpaid overtime is illegal. If your company finds out you have been doing this, they will fire you because you aren't getting your job done during the allotted work time & they face fines & penalties for violating the Fair Labor Practices Act.

Try not to discuss your aspirations with these co-workers. Do be friendly at work. Try bringing in cookies or bagels for the team. Be encouraging to others. Smile & ask about their lives. If you are not engaging with them on a personal level that may be why you feel excluded & they feel threatened.
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