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My colleague wants to live with me

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Old 24th April 2017, 12:19 AM   #1
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My colleague wants to live with me

I've owned & lived in a condo with a home owners association (HOA) for 15 years. I am president of the board.

Recently a colleague (we're peers) was evicted from a house that she shared with roommates due to some type of illegal activity. I only know about it because she talked about it at work. I didn't care until I learned that she & those criminal roommates were seeking residence in the community where I live. As president of the HOA, it is my duty to alert homeowners of potential risks, especially the ones who rent their units.

As I have done in many cases, I sent the owner of the unit my colleague was planning to rent a letter requesting a background check prior to approval. It came back with things that violate our community standards. So her rental application was denied by the HOA & the homeowner.

She found out I am president of the HOA. Now she's blaming me for not being able to live there. She's accusing me of libel, considering I am the one who told them about her history, not the background check. But she's not taking legal action (because l haven't broken the law or committed libel). Instead, she went to our boss & Human Resources department with this complaint.

Can a company (who is entirely not involved in any way) discipline or terminate me for "allegedly" being involved with her not being allowed to rent a condo in the neighborhood where I live?

To be honest, I wonder why she wants to live where I live anyway. There are bound to be conflicts that arise given my position on the board & knowledge of existing community issues. I never wanted my personal life to interfere with my job. And this is a good example.
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You have to wonder why she would go to HR with this, since it will look terrible on her when they find out about her past and the reason she was evicted.

I doubt HR would do anything in this case but make sure you 2 don't break any company policies.

Personally I would just take the stance that you didn't alert them and the background check is what she was rejected on, as acting President you have the authority to tell her that... but do it in writing and officially thru the HOA not verbally.
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Old 24th April 2017, 2:46 PM   #3
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Your company would be stupid to get involved in this. If they do, all you say is, "Hey, all applicants have to pass a background check. I have nothing to do with that process." Tell them the first you knew she didn't pass it was because she told you.
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First of all, your company should not get involved at all. If they do, then they open themselves to liability. If they stupidly DO something to you like fire you, you would have a legal case, and could sue for wrongful termination. I wouldn't worry about it, and do nothing unless HR contacts you - then be very clear that this is out of their realm, unless they want the liability.
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This is not a work issue. She was wrong to go to HR

As a member of your HOA board you should be covered by Director's & Officer's insurance. If your board does not have that coverage resign from the Board because it's mismanaged.

Anyway, should something happen, trigger coverage under that policy & let the lawyer included in the defense portion of that policy handle things.
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