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Issue with old supervisor

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Issue with old supervisor

I have been having issues with a lady that USED to be my supervisor. I'm talking probably 10 years ago. Our company changed and everyone got placed into different divisions and I have had quite a few different supervisors and bosses since then.

She is no longer in the same division as me but still likes to micromanage me, tell me what to do, ect.... A lot of people in the office here know her as quite the control freak and she pretty much made herself the office manager even though she is in finance. Office Manager isn't her title and never was.

She is extremely nosey as to when I come in or leave the office and who I help out with work here in the office. She likes to boss me around and tell me what to do. My boss is in another office out of state so she has no idea what is going on.

When it comes to reviews and trying to learn new things and take on more responsibilities, my boss has always mentioned having, we will call her Susie, teach me some things to help with some of her workload. Of course Susie will not teach me anything because she is so worried someone will take her job when that isn't the case at all. So I can't move up or learn anything new because she doesn't want me to learn anything she works on. It is really frustrating but whatever.

The micromanaging is really getting to me but since she is higher than me in rank and pay, I can't really do anything to make her mad because she could get me fired. I have seen her shady ways with other employees in the past and throwing people under the bus to save her ass.

She also comes up to talk to me everyday about politics which we have completely different views on. She says things just to make me mad and repeats herself all of the time. She is super racist and hateful says the most ignorant things about people and it just turns my stomach. I have told her over and over, I'm not into politics, I don't watch the news, I don't agree with basically everything she believes in and she still keeps at it. I just don't know what to do and it keeps getting worse. I don't want to rub her the wrong way because she is vengeful and I can see her making my job here a living hell and getting her "peeps' against me. I have seen it all before.

Suggestions? What can I say or do to make her stop but not piss her off?
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Do you ever get to see your boss in person face to face? If so mention how much you want to learn these new skills but ask if the boss really thinks Susie is the best person to show you the ropes because she has seemed reluctant in the past.

For now since Susie has a reputation for being a busybody just let her keep on digging herself deeper. Meanwhile you conduct yourself professionally & document all your accomplishments.
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Well, if she's spewing racism and inappropriate stuff at work you could report her. You should definitely do as DOnnivain said above and talk to your boss about her.
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