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Covering a holiday for a coworker.

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Covering a holiday for a coworker.

I work in a field in which I work at least half of all weekends and holidays. Therefore, when I actually have a weekend or holiday off, I treasure it. I feel like everyone at my work does. This holiday I am working Christmas, but was blessed to have New Year's Day and Eve off. We do things on a point system so everyone was picked an equal distribution of holidays. I Usually try to accommodate schedule switch requests but admittedly am kinda selfish about it... I expect that if I take a weekend they pick up one of mine later. A coworker asked one of us to cover her New Year's day shift for a family vacation. For some reason I have so much guilt saying no and I find myself feeling awful and making up certain excuses like " there is a family event that day" because I just want my freaking holiday off. Am I being selfish? Personally I would never ask someone to cover a holiday unless I could return the favor in a huge way like offering to take their whole weekend shifts.
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Not at all! Some jobs require staff to work all sorts of holidays and everyone knows this going in and when scheduling their personal events outside of work. She knew it would get touchy around the holidays and if she went ahead and committed to a family vacation knowing this. That is not your problem that is her problem now.

If you want to do it because you really want to help her out of a pickle that's a different story and that is totally cool of you. I might do that if I felt I could really give up my day. She might be able to return the favour or not. But you deserve your holiday night off just as much as the next person. So don't feel guilty about that.
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I understand this, because this is what my current job is like. If you don't want to cover her shift on New Year's day, you don't have to, since you're normally not scheduled to work that day. It's your choice. I've asked people to cover holidays for me, and my coworkers have done the same. If I have nothing to do that day and I don't have a problem covering, I will do it, otherwise I will say no. I also don't mind it when my coworkers are unable cover for me, I will just find another alternative. I do understand the feeling of guilt--I felt that a lot when I first started my job, but now I know that I have a choice.

It just irks me when someone is always asking me to cover their shifts, whether holidays or not. It irks me even more when a coworker just decides not to show up for their shift at the last minute, and since I'm already there, I have to cover their shift as well. I had a coworker who would do this all the time--I mean, some prior notice would have been nice.

Don't feel guilty about saying no. I'm scheduled to work on New Years day as well, and I plan to ask someone to cover for me, but since it's a holiday, I understand if no one can do it. Whenever it's a holiday, I make it clear to my coworkers that I understand if they are unable to cover. I'm sure your coworker will understand that you have other plans or just want that day off.

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