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Ongoing Issue with Manager

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Ongoing Issue with Manager

I can write a book on the favortism that takes place at my job, particularly by one manager who favors certain nationalities. I have been working at my job for almost 5 years and the past two years have really gone down hill. In that time I have looked for other jobs and also got busy with life. A coworker of mine along with a few others feel the same way I do. In five years I have never received an increase despite the level of tasks I need to handle, Maintain and juggle..before going on a trip with my husband I came in early and literally didn't step away from my desk (no lunch, no breaks) in order to complete as much as I could. Is this my fault to not take a break- yes but this environment is toxic and its best to get as much done so no one talks too much crap while gone which happens anyway and everywhere I'm sure.

This trip was planned before even reporting to her and was approved. It was a very special milestone in my life. I made sure she was aware of these dates and even told her when I needed time off before accepting this new role months ago. Originally when told about it (which in my opinion she was forced to because me and my coworker applied for a job in November and were ignored for a good two months) I was informed this is an opportunity which justifies not getting a raise with the title and job change. I was also told my salary was enough. Meanwhile I would see paperwork for years being submitted and approved of increases if people received a title change or more duties. I ultimately am feeling discriminated against. I come back from this milestone occasion and the first few minutes I am being told she will take one duty away and will give me more work..but that more work is going to be more time consuming and stressful. Who automatcally is told upon being out of the office about getting more work? At this point I need to catch up. When I saw her again for a few minutes she mentioned next week which is when I in turn asked if my salary can be reviewed within the next few weeks? She points out how I have been out of the office like I'm crazy..yes this is true but why would you automatically want to give me more work? She explains how I haven't been in the role as long since I have been out of the office but meanwhile it still has been a few months and also how I make more than enough. I explain this isn't about me returning from being out; it's about wanting what is fair and I wouldn't have mentioned This now but you are talking about giving me More work.

she is going to talk to others about me and how I asked for a raise after returning to work..but in my experience I never saw someone get more work a week after they come back from a trip, sick or maternity leave..I want what is fair and it's all I wanted...I feel disgusted and just want to break down.

Am I wrong? I feel I am just being taken advantage of now.
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You're worth what you can earn. Ask for a raise. If the answer is "no" then apply to other jobs.
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