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New job, unfamiliar challenges

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New job, unfamiliar challenges

Alright, so about four months ago I started this new job as a teller at a bank. I had worked at a greenhouse/ grocery store for about 2 years prior. Now my dad is a manager for one of the branches and is well liked/popular with a lot of employees. He suggested I start working at the bank, seeing as I was fed up with my previous job. I had a horribly bad schedule and was sick of the small business drama. So I dove at opportunity, for a chance at a steady 9-5, professional job. Everyone was excited and motivated me to go for it, the rest of my family, my husband and my friends. I was very excited and thought it would all be a great transition and a fresh start for me. At first it was. But now starting my 5th month I'm not sure anymore.

The amount of information and training I went through was extensive and I thought that would help me. I had 1 week of classroom and three weeks of on the job training! But unfortunately I am still having a hard time getting into the swing of things. This is the first time I've had my hands in banking and I had no experience what so ever, except running a register at my last job. So I thought with all the training I would be alright. But no, I still make mistakes and don't fully understand all the details involved, because there is a lot! But the thing that I hate is that small mistakes equal huge consequences at this job. I have almost felt that the expectation is that I had background knowledge and it ridiculous to them that I'm struggling.

I have been sat down in the office a couple times now by the manager for mistakes I've been doing. And most of the time I have not been informed I've been making the mistakes. It's usually coworkers that will tell management, without telling me. So when I have these sit downs I always feel like the rug is being drug out from under me. I hate it and it happened again today! So now management has this plan to help me fix the problem, which is totally fine and I appreciate them wanting to help me, it's just that these situations could be avoided if my co workers would just tell me! The two faced and gossip crazy environment is worse then I was expecting. So I am really not feeling this job anymore.

So here are my major problems:

1. My dad is well known and I feel embarrassed for not getting everything right away. Its just that I feel like I should be getting it because he's worked at the bank so long. And I feel ungrateful for not liking the job he basically gave me.

2. Going into it I had some doubts but I pushed them aside, being desperate to get out of my old job. But I am naturally creative, love art and have struggled with math and science for as long as I can remember. I'm totally left brained and have ADD as well. I'm starting feel that this isn't the best fit for me.

3. With feeling like it's not right for me, I have no clue where to go from here. I got stuck at my last job for too long, and I refuse to go through that again. I guess just look for a new one? Or should I wait it out?

Any advice and tips would be helpful! Thank you!

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