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Does my co-worker have ulterio motive?

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Does my co-worker have ulterio motive?

So 2 weeks ago , I was telling 2 of my co-workers that I have to go for my road test soon but I haven't mastered Parell Parking. One of the guys said he can teach me and knows a very easy way to do it. Him and I joke around allot and he seems like a nice guy.I said sure ,we set the date and he gave me his number to text him.

We met on the day and we practiced for about 15 min but it was during rash hour we decided to set it for another day.Then 2 days later , I learned a much easier way to parell park from yutube video.I even nailed it when I went to practice on my own.I texted him and told him that we don't have to meet up anymore and because I now know how to parell park.He said cool...everytime I see him at work, he always ask me how the parell practice is going. He suggested that he would like to see me parell park but I just brushed it off.Then yesterday he messaged me and ask me how my practice is going. I said good and we exchanged messages about the road test and stuff.Then he mentioned again that he wants to see me parell park.I said ok, he even offered to drop by because he was in my area, according to him.I told him that I was busy but I will see the next day when I get home from work..and I will text him and see if he's available. Well I wasn't really up to it and I didnt want to follow through to meet him so he cab see me parell park ...I never texted him.i'm not a flaky person but I suspect he's personally intrested in me but I only like him as a friend.Was not texting him rude of me?How should handle the situation when i ran into him again?
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He has been friendly and possibly used the parallel parking to get his foot in the door. There's nothing wrong with that. Since you are only interested in him as a friend, don't treat him rudely by avoiding him. Yes, it sounds like he is interested in more, but his offer to assist with the parallel parking sounds genuine and honorable, IMO. Just have a mature conversation. For the sake of clarity, tell him you appreciate his willingness to assist you but that you value his friendship and don't want to send mixed signals that might blur the line between you.
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