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Negative Reactions to Good Work from Boss

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Question Negative Reactions to Good Work from Boss

Can anyone make any sense of this? I seem to consistently get negative feedback for making progress, completing projects timely, and taking initiative/making decisions. Frequently co-workers will talk about things that should/need to be done and literally never do them. They just endlessly talk about how they should do them (years in some cases). I am incredibly creative and deliver some pretty brilliant solutions and seem to leave everyone incredibly satisfied with my performance. I make the impossible possible in so many ways for this company. My boss however seems just scoff at my accomplishments. We do not do formal evaluations so this isn't in writing or anything but I've started to notice every time I mention something it's a big negative reaction from my boss. I do not understand this feedback. Has anyone run into this before?
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You didn't get into any specifics, so just going off of what you included in your post, maybe your attitude bothers your boss. You pretty much bad-mouthed your coworkers here while giving yourself glowing praises. Your post makes you seem like you think very highly of yourself. If that's the way you come across with your boss, it's probably pretty irritating.

Also consider that you may be creating either more work or more expenses for your boss in areas he/she doesn't consider worthy of their time or yours. Like, yeah, it would be great to have a new system for filing reports, or whatever, but maybe your boss would rather you just focus on your assigned duties.

Anyway, since you're getting negative reactions, it appears as though you should adjust your behaviors. Either tone down the overachieving, or just ask your boss. "I've noticed that you seem less than thrilled when I offer solutions or do extra work. Is there something I should be doing differently? I welcome any feedback you have."
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