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Delays...UC benefits

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Delays...UC benefits

Sadly, I lost a job I held for 13 years.

Now I am tossed into that mire of filings and delays.

All systems seemed okay...I qualified. It was a Downsizing in my company, and my employer "said" they wouldn't fight my application for unemployment. My official termination doc only mentions the restructure of company jobs...nothing about dismissal due to company policies or such....

Lo' and Behold, My first two weeks are okay- Yet this week I go to file my Bi weekly and BAM!

It stated I needed to call the UC office to finalize some information. There was an error in which week I applied income towards. They manually fixed it.

We verified dates, and any other information. I then asked" Is there anything else required so this Bi weekly claim can be released for payment issuance?".
The gent said- Your filing is on hold.
I replied- Yes it was on hold til you got further info which we just discussed.
He said: "The information has been updated in the system, its been corrected. It is on hold, you will receive a letter of our determination".
I re-iterated , that if anything more is needed to please ask and I will supply, but that I cannot wait another week for them to determine my pay issuance. I followed the process and was forthright....Normally it takes 4 days after filing to receive pay.....

We have no physical "office" in our state to discuss this matter with a case worker. Everything is done online, over the phone or thru An appeals process at our govt level. Appeals take 4 weeks and then its rare to win since our state is notorious for siding with employers.

Yes I am job searching, going to job fairs, applying in my area....Until I get hired somewhere I am at the mercy of this system...and its not looking good.

Anyone have experience with this side of the process and how I can improve a better outcome?

I really am half tempted calling my former employer to find out if they are disputing my claim...yet sometimes that just gives them fodder come time for appeals....
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I haven't been unemployed for a while, and mine went pretty smooth. However, I do handle the unemployment claims for where I work, and I can tell you that each state is different, and each state will hold up claims for different reasons. Unfortunately, sometimes for weeks. They will do this even if your employer isn't disputing anything.

In all likelihood, it's your earnings misstatement that did it. I'd bet they are sending your former employer an earnings request letter. I fill out many of these damned things. They will ask the employer to submit actual earning to verify against payroll withholding and then verify that against what you've told them. The process is time consuming and a royal pain, on all ends.

If you've done everything right, eventually the will approve the claim again, but I understand how frustrating it is in the meantime. I deal with calls from our employees all the time (they are seasonal and have unemployment each year with us).

Sorry you are going thru many people have ripped off the States though, that UI and disability/workers comp claims, are all taking much longer to process..Bad apples spoil if for all of us.
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thank you Biker! Appreciate your clarification and understanding.

I think you are right. Total transparency is important.

Glad you have knowledge!

I have electronic stubs, odd that they didn't ask me to send. it's one of the nice things about my former employer. I can go back three years to retrieve.

Maybe I'll call them tomorrow and get an update if they need the stubs.

Again, thank you!
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